COVID-19: Journos, OnlyFans Influencers, and Sex Workers Struggle Financially


The coronavirus global pandemic has hit us all hard, with perhaps the exception of Amazon and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos. Although social distancing, lockdown, and quarantine has prevented non-essential businesses from opening in many places and forced millions of workers to stay home, some home based industries have been hit hard–very hard.

Falling ad revenue for online journalists has equaled furloughs, mothballing, and cutbacks as major companies scale back their scope and size over tumbling revenue.

VICE cut loose nearly 10% of their global headcount in an effort to lean up their workforce amid an industrial belt-tightening. Buzzfeed News has mothballed its United Kingdom and Australia offices as they struggle with diminishing ad revenue.

Media companies have reported pay freezes, a temporary suspension of promotions, pay cuts for their highest earners, workload sharing, and other measures to curb costs at a distressing time.

OnlyFans influencers have reported that joblessness and financial hardship of their subscribers has translated into fewer subs and revenue streams evaporating faster than an ephemeral desert stream. Furthermore, the supply of OnlyFans influencers has witnessed a glut as women seek to make ends meet at a time of mass business closure.

National File reported on an influencer who claims she has “no other talents” as she broke down at the prospect of her OnlyFans account becoming less viable as a sole source of income.

National File also reported on a man–a former pimp and drug dealer–who went undercover as a “simp,” subscribing to several OnlyFans accounts only to leak their nude images to their parents, at a time where more women have increasingly shown interest, sometimes from young ages, to begin hustling on the website.

Sex workers on every inhabited continent have sought government financial assistance as a combination of strict social distancing and pecuniary strain means that their Johns have to stay at home.

Some sex workers have unionized, others even went to a catholic priest to seek funds for essentials as business dries up, with the Vatican releasing funds in order to assist the desperate illegal immigrant transgender prostitutes.

Businesses are beginning to reopen across the world, but new spikes in coronavirus cases has caused some places to become submerged by new lockdown restriction merely days after opening their doors.