Cowboy Works With Trump To Protect New Mexico From Climate Change Activists


Couy Griffen has been on a mission to serve the people of his state, New Mexico, where he serves as a Commissioner. His concerned is two-fold, that the people of New Mexico could freeze death or be victims of mass forest fires. Both conditions he blames on leftist activism holding the people of his state, “under lock” he said, “to protect the Spotted Owl”.

Griffen told National File that New Mexico should be leading the Union in numerous areas and is instead dead last, except for Government dependence. This Winter he wants to save the people who rely upon the Forest.

Griffen is now joined by the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, in untangling the disastrous effects of invasive Democrat community organizing and environmental activism, on very important issues that will affect the most powerless citizens of a forgotten border state, the elderly and the disabled.

“President Trump helped me facilitate a meeting with national-level leaders in Agriculture and Forestry to talk about re-opening the  New Mexico Forest so people can get wood for energy this winter.  We also need to address the conditions that lead to out of control fires, which could cause deaths and massive destruction, we can not address those important issues when the Forest is closed.”

Most dangerous to New Mexico, according to Griffen,  is the environmental groups who are more concerned about the welfare of Spotted Owl and their many lawsuits,  than they are of the elderly and disabled New Mexico residents.

In conflict with New Mexico’s citizens ,who need the forest are the environmental groups who are forcing the Forests closed.

They did make an exemption for individuals.

“That admits they know there is a problem,” said Griffen,”what about the elderly and disabled people who need commercial woodcutting?”

“Why don’t our Democrat leaders in New Mexico government understand the urgency?” Griffen said. “The conditions of our Forests are dangerous because we can’t remove fuel loads, and now people can’t use the forest to heat their homes.”

Griffen has found an audience with Trump, who has pledged his concern to the state and to the forgotten Americans Griffen represents.

Trump helped set up a meeting with Jim Hubbard, Under Secretary for the National Forrest Service.

Griffen’s work is at odds with very wealthy environmental groups who support Democrat politicians. Environmental groups plan to put pressure on New Mexico Forests and the undersecretary with a continued campaign to save the Spotted Owls.

According to California environmentalist RJ Gutiérrez, “The spotted owl (Strix occidentalis) is one of the most studied raptors in the world.”

But New Mexico activists are not happy and they want the Forest closed for good, except for who they permit access:

Wild Earth Guardians are partners with many powerful Eco-Environmentalist Activist groups.

From their website,WildEarth Guardians is a non-profit grassroots environmental organization best known for its decade-long legal action against the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which culminated in 2011 with the Fish and Wildlife Service agreeing to move forward with protection for more than 800 species under the Endangered Species Act.”

“This will be a difficult fight it has been going on for so long, Griffen said, but I have spoken to the President numerous times now, and he is always asking me questions about this when I see him,” Griffen said.

“In 2013 language demanding better conditions for the Spotted Owls that caused the National Forest Service to conduct studies and then because of incompetency ended up closing down the Forrest to complete the study- which leaves people both in danger of fires, because the loads can’t be removed and also in need of heat for their homes because they can’t get in to get wood. The judge’s orders stopped all controlled burns- and that is why this is time sensitive. Winter is coming.

No Government will help us or make any comments because their base and donations come from leftist groups,”Griffen said.

“President Trump opened up lines of communication for me to talk to undersecretaries of Forestry because of that agency’s deteriorating services, and the fact that in listening to activists they have created a mess and threat to property and to human life,” he said.

“Fire is nature’s natural way of cleaning the forest, but with man’s stewardship, we have become worried about other things than removing the problem, like right now with politicians and the media focused on impeachment- no one is listening to what will damage human life.