Cowboys For Trump To Advocate For American-Raised Beef, Deliver Cowboy Hat To President At CPAC


A group of Cowboys from New Mexico will take their cause to Washington D.C. again this year in hopes of delivering President Donald J. Trump with a custom made cowboy hat, and to ask him to consider making American Beef great again.

In an appeal to Trump’s nationalist push for strong American manufacturing and farming, Couy Griffin, President of Cowboys for Trump will ask Trump and other lawmakers to consider “Country Of Origin Labeling” (COOL) for American beef products.

But first, they plan to complete their mission from 2019 to deliver that custom made hat, seen in the following video.

National File reached out to Griffin, to ask about the potential meeting.

“President Trump told Cowboys for Trump in February last year in regards to delivering his hat, ‘There are 20 acres in the South Lawn and the gate will be open for you when you get here’.  We know our President is a man of his word.  And we plan to look for an open gate this summer!” Griffin said.

Watch a video of their 2019 ride to D.C.

Griffin posted his thoughts on Facebook about his ideas on COOL System.

“A lot of the meat that is sold with the American Flag on it is meat from cattle that has been brought in from outside of the country and slaughtered here in America, but they are not American raised and it is not American beef,” Griffin said.

“Through the COOL system, it will give the consumer the opportunity to be ensured that they are buying the highest quality beef, that the cattle is American raised and that the money they are spending is supporting American farmers and ranchers,” he said.

“As our President is putting America first, we know he has a special place in his heart for rural America, because he knows that we are some of his biggest supporters.  If we put America first, we need to put rural America first, who drive America and make us great,” he said.

Talking about the need for his campaign, Couy said, “I have had push back from the brokers, and some are against it.  Even Tyson foods pushed back because the buying market will be a lot more competitive.  But this will help us get money to rural America.  Our beef is better than any beef in the world. We need to support the salt of America,” he said.

Watch his full video:

C4T is headed to CPAC to Beat the Drum

This year at CPAC, Cowboys for Trump, hopes to bring more attention to Country of Orgin Labeling (COOL) so that we can help our farmers and ranchers that drive America and continue to do whatever we can to help make our country and county great. If you have a few extra dollars, and would like to help fill up the C4T truck with gas to get us out to D.C. or buy C4T a meal, please go over to and click on the donate button. We thank everyone for all your support. God bless.

Posted by Cowboys For Trump on Friday, February 21, 2020


American farmers comprise one of the key supporter blocs of the Trump administration, with the President having provided increased funding for what he calls “our great patriot farmers.”