Criminal Aliens Surge Through Rio Grande Valley As International Agency, DOJ Halt Border Wall Construction


President Trump’s 2016 campaign rhetoric repeated threats limit illegal immigration deter foreign nationals from unlawfully entering the United States and subsequent policy changes brought relative stability to the region.

But the calm was short-lived.

The number of illegals apprehended along the southern border has tripled since March 2017, with more than 100,000 illegal aliens apprehended in 2019 in the Rio Grande Valley sector alone, according to U.S Customs and Border Protection.

As migrants traverse the Rio Grande River from Mexico on rafts, agents are apprehending illegal aliens at a rate of approximately 1,000 per day. Many of the foreign nationals thwarted by border patrol are criminal aliens who have previously been deported from the United States and are attempting to force their way in the country a second or third time.

We Build The Wall, a nonprofit organization funded by donations from the American public is gearing up for construction of a second wall to secure the border, but the group faces legal hurdles by an anti-Trump international government agency that is hell-bent on keeping the border open.

The International Boundary and Water Commission, a bilateral U.S.-Mexico agency responsible for managing the Rio Grande international, filed a lawsuit Dec. 5 to halt construction of a private border wall along 3.5 miles of privately acquired land in Mission Texas along the Rio Grande floodplain.

The Justice Department, on behalf of the International Boundary and Water Commission, warns a physical barrier slated for construction by the crowd-funded non-profit would cause flooding that would alter the course of the international waterway, destruct the shoreline and violate the United States’ 1970 international water treaty with Mexico.

Located in a floodplain draining into the Rio Grande River, the Rio Grande Valley includes a portion of Tamaulipas, Mexico and the metropolitan areas of Brownsville, Mission, Harlingen, Welsaco, Phar, McAllen, San Juan and Rio Grande City.

While globalists at the IBCW litigate the construction of the wall, claiming their intent is to protect the shoreline of the Rio Grande River, a look at apprehensions of criminal aliens made by Border Patrol in just the past week invariably prove open borders jeopardize imminently threaten national security.

On Wednesday, Rio Grande City Border Patrol agents apprehended a Guatemalan national identified as Ronel Esau De LEON- Baltazar after discovering he was an illegal alien. A background check revealed De LEON-Baltazar is a public sex offender, previously arrested for Indecency with a Child Sexual Contact. He was deported after serving a four-year prison sentence.

On Thursday, a Salvadorian national was apprehended by Rio Grande City Border Patrol on Thursday for illegally entering the United States. A record check confirmed he was previously arrested in Los Angeles for Sexual offense on a Child under 14 and was deported after serving a three years sentence.

On Friday, agents arrested a Mexican national in Kingsville, identified as Francisco Bautisto-Escobar. Bautisto-Escobar who was previously apprehended in September 2019 in Chicago for aggravated assault of a child and was sentenced to just 135 days.

On Saturday, Rio Grande City agents arrested a Mexican national near Roma, Texas, who admitted to being a “estaca” or guard of the CDG, a criminal syndicate and drug trafficking organization in Mexico, who reports directly to the CDG Miguel Aleman plaza boss.

On Sunday, agents assigned to the McAllen Border Patrol Station arrested a Guatemalan national near Mission, Texas. Record checks confirmed the man is a member of the Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13 gang, also known as MS-13.

Data compiled the Department of Justice confirms non-citizens comprised the majority of federal arrests.

According to data revealed by the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, Non-citizens constitute just 7 percent of the U.S. population but accounted for 64 percent, of federal arrests in 2018.

Non-citizens were not just charged for unlawfully residing in the United States, but comprised 25 percent of all federal property arrests and 28 percent of all federal fraud arrests and 24 percent of all federal drug arrests, reflecting the ongoing activities of Mexican drug cartels.

“Some of these cases are still being prosecuted, but the report states that there have already been over 225,000 convictions. Those convictions represent 500 homicides; 23,954 assaults; 8,070 burglaries; 297 kidnappings; 14,178 thefts; 2,026 robberies; 3,122 sexual assaults; 3,840 sexual offenses; 3,158 weapon charges and tens of thousands of drug and obstruction charges,” the Heritage Foundation reports.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, over 209,000 criminal aliens have been detained in local Texas correctional facilities and charged with more than 330,000 criminal offenses between June 1, 2011 and November 30, 2019. Their arrests resulted in over 276 homicide convictions; 15,121 assault convictions; 3,418 burglary convictions; 19,477 drug convictions; 192 kidnapping convictions; 7,586 theft convictions; 12,174 obstructing police convictions; 1,096 robbery convictions; 1,932 sexual assault convictions; 2,551 sexual offense convictions; and 1,409 weapon convictions.

If the United States had a secure southern border and an effective interior enforcement system, hundreds of Americans, who were killed or murdered by criminal aliens would be alive today and their families would not be grieving their loss; children sexually abused by criminal aliens would have never been sanctioned for endangerment while taxpayers bear the soaring costs of illegal immigration.

Immediately after We Build The Wall constructed a wall in Sunland Park, New Mexico over Memorial Day Weekend, IBCW Commissioner Jayne Harkins immediately ordered the gate to be permanently padlocked open. Surveillance footage from the site, which could be mistaken as a scene from The Walking Dead, shows hundreds of illegal immigrants rampaging into the United States just moments after IBWC staffers chained the gate open.

The IBCW’s anti-Trump neighbor at the National Butterfly Sanctuary is also suing We Build The Wall to stop wall construction.

A Texas district judge on Dec. 4 issued a temporary restraining order mandating We Build the Wall to stop construction on land near property owned by the National Butterfly Center, citing the project’s potential for “imminent and irreparable harm” to a border butterfly sanctuary.

Clearly, the safety of insects and the river are a priority over the lives of American citizens and U.S sovereignty.