Daily Wire Co-Founder: ‘We May Be Grifters, But We Sure As Hell Aren’t Poor Grifters’

debate during CPAC week. Charge $100 to get in. Let people donate superchats online. Winner decided by online poll gets to donate funds raised to the org of their choice. I’ll even volunteer to find and secure the venue,” Fairbanks tweeted.

“You’d have to charge a lot more than that. We may be grifters, but we sure as hell aren’t poor grifters,” Boreing replied.

The term “grifter” has often been used by right-wing grass roots to describe internet celebrities who use the image and cultural impact of President Donald J. Trump to make money off his supporters.

Ben Shapiro and the Daily Wire are some of the most frequent recipients of the grifter label online, making Boreing’s comments all the more interesting.

According to financial tracking site Celebrity Net Worth, Shapiro’s net worth falls in the $20 million range.

One of the key issues in the ongoing feud between the camps of Shapiro’s Daily Wire and Fuentes’ America First followers is the fact that Shapiro has repeatedly refused to debate Fuentes in person, citing “threats of violence” derived from livestreams of Fuentes playing Grand Theft Auto V.

Shapiro appeared to dodge an in-person confrontation with Fuentes in December, scuttling away with head bowed as Fuentes trailed behind asking him questions at a Turning Point USA summit in Florida.

Boreing, who co-founded the Daily Wire with Shapiro, has previously stated that he believes American conservatism is actually about conserving “American liberalism.”

Via National File:

Jeremy Boreing, lifelong Hollywood producer and co-founder of the neoliberal news and opinion site The Daily Wire, took to Twitter to offer his thoughts on conservative values on Thursday.

“What these retrograde losers don’t understand is that what American conservatives want to conserve is American liberalism,” Boreing seethed. “American conservatism is not European conservatism.”

The “retrograde losers” remark was made in agreement with an earlier tweet by Turning Point USA employee Benny Johnson, which called young conservatives who questioned TPUSA’s promotion of sexual deviancy and drag queens “hate-filled gremlins.”

Johnson, who was fired from Buzzfeed for plagiarizing over 40 articles in 2014, was quote-tweeted by Goreing, who then opined about the duty of conservatives to preserve liberalism.

Boreing has not publicly clarified his statements about conserving liberalism and “grifters.”