Daughter of Muslim Brotherhood Affiliate Appointed as Bernie’s Virginia Campaign Co-Chair


Bernie Sanders named Abrar Omeish co-chair of his Virginia Presidential Campaign despite her long history of ties to Islamic terrorists limited experience in politics and familial connections to a radical Islamist operative.

As former president of the Muslim American Society, Omeish’s father Esam Omeish lead actions for many years on behalf of what federal prosecutors have labeled “the overt arm” of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.

Self proclaimed Democratic-Socialist Sanders granting this job to Omeish, who is now 23 and the youngest person to hold a political office in the state of Virginia, appears to have been largely a gesture to “a more powerful political constituency: the well-organized radical Sunni Islamist networks across the United States” as stated by the senior analyst for the Homeland Security and Counterterrorism at the Center for Security Policy, Kyle Shideler.

“Esam Omeish also served on the board of Dar al Hijrah mosque, a Falls Church, Virginia-based mosque with a long history of ties to terrorism finance. Omeish has also been accused of links to terrorism by a Libyan parliamentary security committee. He is a naturalized citizen of the United States,” says Shideler.

Abrar Omeish is known to have served as the president of the Muslim Students Association while studying at Yale University.

This organization participated in an effort to deplatform Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an author and former Muslim who campaigns for women’s rights.

Omeish also has been noted to have “close ties” to the International Institute of Islamic Thought, which was raided by federal law officers for affiliations with known Islamic terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fundraising.

This is not the first person with a leadership role in the Muslim community or even with ties to Islamic terrorism to be affiliated with the Sanders campaign.