Dave Rubin BLOCKS Nick Fuentes on Twitter After Being Challenged To Discuss Israel-Palestine Conflict


Dave Rubin, author of “Don’t Burn This Book,” has blocked America First host Nick Fuentes on Twitter after being challenged to a “civil and open” debate on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

“Dave, come on, let’s have a civil conversation, Dave Rubin, I challenge you. I challenge you to have a civil conversation on the issues,” said Fuentes streaming live on America First. “I challenge Dave Rubin to a civil conversation on this. You want dangerous ideas? You want interesting ideas? Ideas that will blow your mind, change the paradigm? Dave, let’s have a conversation on my platform, not on YouTube. Not on YouTube, where you get banned for saying anything.”

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“Dave, let’s have a civil and open conversation on my platform, where free speech reigns and you can say anything you want, you could even say the n-word,” continued Fuentes. “Let’s have a debate on my platform and we will have a truly dangerous, interesting conversation between people that actually disagree, something that you care about deeply, and something that I care about as well. We’ll call it America First versus Israel First. Let’s have the debate, please!”

I hereby challenge the open-minded liberal @RubinReport to an interesting and civil discussion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. May the best ideas win! What do you say Dave? Don’t burn this tweet! lol,” tweeted Fuentes yesterday. 

Fuentes then provided his followers with an update, showing that Rubin had actually blocked him on Twitter following his debate challenge. Rubin had also disabled live chats for his YouTube stream shortly after.

Pro-Israel Rubin tweeted at Lauren Chen yesterday to say “There’s no country called Palestine, nor has ever been. There was area part of Ottoman Empire and British empire knows as Palestine where Jews and Arabs lived. Arabs used to boycott Palestine bc that’s where Jews were. Pals have been offered a state many times, always refused.” Fuentes noticed the exchange and commented “Lol there it is” in a quoted tweet.

“Fwiw I am not Pro-Palestine, I’m not Pro-Israel either. I’m not a “#FreePalestine” guy. I’m ambivalent about the conflict,” said Fuentes in a post on Telegram. “I am America First, America Only.”