David Bossie Calls On Trump To Release Transcripts Of Obama And Mullahs


Monday’s “War Room: Impeachment” featured notable guest David Bossie who called on President Trump to release the phone transcripts of phone conversations between Iranian Mullahs and former President Barack Obama, who were together embroiled in a widely controversial massive pay-off to Iran.

Bossie, president and chairman of conservative advocacy group Citizens United, called for the transcripts of President Barack Obama’s phone conversations before the release of what is estimated between 300-800 Million dollars to Iran’s Mullahs,  as a defense of President Donald J. Trump’s phone conversation with the President of Ukraine.

The estimated total payoff by Obama could be as high as 1.7 Billion, according to Judicial Watch, a citizen watchdog group, who is known for FOIA lawsuits against the US Government.

“The American people need to understand The President gets to set foreign policy, not someone listening to a phone call,” Bossie said.

“If they want to put this call out there, I call on the President of United States to release the transcripts of Barack Obama’s phone calls before the 300 or 800 Million dollars was on a plane to Iran, let’s use that as a defense as what other presidents have done,” Bossie said. “Let’s find out what Quid Pro Quo really means.”

Bossie, a former investigator in the 1998 Presidential Bill Clinton Impeachment trial, and former Deputy Trump campaign manager said, “Impeachment is a political process, not a legal process.  It is a court of public opinion. Democrats will use anything to impeach Trump and we must defend our president from it,” he said.

“I led investigations from Whitewater in the Senate in, to lead house investigations to President Clinton’s impeachment.  We had hundreds of people working on the same goal,” Bossie said.

On defending Trump, Bosie said, “This requires a small army to defend him.  We need a pack of killers,” he said. “Someone is using politics to destroy a President, that is what this about. They want a war. We are going to bring him one,” he said.

Bossie talked about exposing the motivations of the Whistleblower, whose’s anonymous testimony is at the heart of the scandal over Trump’s phone call with the President of Ukraine, giving the Democrats cover to bring the call into question.

Collaborating with Bossie, Jason Miller said that the testimony of the whistleblower was full of opinions and feelings and is “the kneecapping of the President.”

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