Deer Injures 3 BLM Protesters by Running into Crowd in New Jersey


A woman was seriously injured, along with two others, after a deer ran into a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters in New Jersey.

According to Fox13, South Brunswick police revealed that the incident occurred on Friday evening, at around 5pm, outside the South Brunswick high school during the “March for Justice” BLM protest.

The BLM protest march, attended by hundreds of people, followed its course through Route 522 until a bolting deer ran through the high school property into the crowd.

A 69-year-old woman was rushed to hospital with a serious head injury and treated at the intensive care unit. Two other protesters suffered minor injuries and were treated by officers at the scene.

The South Brunswick Police Department posted a tweet reporting the incident, including footage from the scene. They tweeted: “The South Brunswick March for Justice drew hundreds of people to the rally and march. During the march 3 people were injured when a deer ran from the high school property into the marchers. Officers working the event immediately provided medical aid until EMS arrived.”

The South Brunswick Police Department continued: “A 69 year old woman received a serious head injury and was take to an area hospital. She was in intensive care late Friday night. Two others were treated on scene.”

The recent Black Lives Matter protests have gone international. The rioting has claimed several lives–including canine lives.

A dog was killed in a Detroit house fire after rioters burned down a local family man’s home.

In Memphis, a dog abused on camera, by rioters who stole the pit bull puppy from a mill, was found dead, hanging by a cord, by a local non-profit organization. The visibly terrified puppy was hoisted around in the air by the scruff of the neck by a rioter who was showing the dog to a local news outlet.