Democrats Desperately Push Alternative Impeachment Timeline To Media


Americans are getting two new narratives Wednesday, highlighting new details in the Democrats Impeachment inquisition, which they hope will seal their demands to remove President Donald J. Trump.

Jason Miller, co-host of the War Room Impeachment Podcast, deconstructed the Democrats newly crafted timeline showing why they believe Trump was involved with a “Quid Pro Quo” for military aid funding with Ukraine, after a week of powerful polls showing that their Impeachment hearings were falling apart.

Also, the Democrats say that Trump knew about the whistleblower when the aid was released and Miller told the War Room podcast that aid had to be released by Sept 15th, and it was realized on Sept 11, because of the continuing resolution in Congress.

Miller said that Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is pushing the narratives to the media that Trump, 1) only released military aid after his phone call, and 2) Pelosi is returning to Quid Pro Quo as an article of impeachment, after speculation that the Democrats had not made the case for it in the two weeks of testimony and media focusing on the imaginary Quid Pro Quo.

“These are alternative facts in her timeline,” said Stephen K. Bannon, host of the War Room Impeachment podcast, and Chairman of Citizens of the American Republic.

Where the media is attempting to frame Trump, with the appearance of chaos is with two resignations from the Office of Management and Budget, OMB, Bannon and Miller agreed.

“One of the headlines today is that Budget personnel quit, making it look like there is some sort of ‘All the President’s Men’  thing going on,” Miller said. All the President’s Men is a story about the case built against former President Richard Nixon, who resigned from office before an impeachment trial could be held.

“Ukraine got the phone call, got their meeting and got their aid. And remember that much earlier President Trump had said that other countries had not paid their fair share, that is important to understand,” Miller said, referring to a speech in front of NATO in April of 2019.

“Aid always had to be released by Sept. 15, MSM trying to cook up a scandal where there isn’t one,” he said.

“Pelosi forgot to put in her timeline, that there is no Quid Pro Quo,” Bannon said.

“If Dems vote articles of impeachment, there will be a trial in the Senate, with a detailed timeline with these facts.  The White House budget headline shows they are in panic mode, the Dems are trying an alternative timeline,” said Bannon.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) member of the House Intelligence Committee,  has been criticizing the new spin, Miller said.

Zeldin said that an employee of the OMB gave testimony and disputed the now faulty Pelosi timeline, earlier.

Miller, Bannon and Zeldin agree that Trump had made it known that he would be focused on other countries aiding Ukraine, and that was the reason for the hold-up.

Zeldin disputes the Democrat’s and the Media’s narrative on all of the claims of Quid Pro Quo or bribery, by Trump.