Democrats Fight President Trump’s Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts


President Donald Trump is committed to “eradicating human trafficking from the Earth,” in his words, but his efforts to stop the slavery plague are facing opposition from Democrat politicians and left-wing activist groups.

The labor union American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) local 2830 has filed a whistleblower complaint to the Department of Justice inspector general after Trump’s DOJ gave grant money to the evangelical Christian anti-prostitution group Hookers For Jesus, run by a survivor of human trafficking, and the Lincoln Tubman Foundation instead of giving money to the anti-Trump advocacy group Chicanos Por La Causa and the Democrat-linked Catholic Charities outfit in Palm Beach, Florida.

Meanwhile, Democrat Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib and Sen. Bernie Sanders have co-sponsored the Safe Sex Workers Study Act which seeks to critically examine President Donald Trump’s 2018 FOSTA-SESTA law, potentially to lay the groundwork for a repeal of Trump’s law, according to insiders.

Trump’s FOSTA-SESTA law stripped websites that knowingly provide platforms for “prostitution” of their federal Communications Decency Act protections, scoring a big Internet-wide blow against sex trafficking. The law pre-emptively forced the closure of the Craigslist Personals section. But critics on the Left — including the ACLU and comedienne Amy Schumer — came out against it. A common left-wing criticism of the law states that sex workers become less safe if they can no longer advertise their services on the Internet.

When President Trump hosted his recent White House summit on human trafficking — against the backdrop of partisan impeachment drama — some anti-human trafficking groups protested. The head official at Freedom Network USA, a coalition that includes the Southern Poverty Law Center Immigrant Justice Project, publicly skipped the White House summit along with some other groups, stating opposition to a Trump administration policy that makes it possible to deport illegal immigrants who get denied human trafficking survivor visas, or “T” visas. A Freedom Network USA official also provided critical commentary for press coverage of the DOJ whistleblower complaint.

The ACLU fought hard against President Trump’s policy of cheek-swabbing migrant children and their handlers when they come up over the border and rapid-testing the results to determine whether or not the kids are actually related to the adults transporting them. Trump’s pilot program at the border had massive success.

“I also learned of a recent pilot program that used rapid DNA tests to discover whether these family units were real. Nearly 30 percent were found to be fraudulent in the Rio Grande Valley-in other words, the adults bringing kids into the United States illegally weren’t related to the children,” Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said on the Senate floor.

Attorney General William Barr directly addressed the scourge of human trafficking in the American child welfare system in his speech at the White House summit on human trafficking. (RELATED: Ex-CPS Worker Charged With Human Trafficking).

“Emblematic in many ways is one horrific case I was briefed on recently in the Southern District of New York. A very dedicated team of prosecutors doggedly pursued a few little leads and ended up convicting 19 defendants in Manhattan with sex trafficking of minor girls and young women in the New York State child welfare system. In other words, children who society had a special obligation to protect ended up being instead exploited,” Attorney General Barr stated.

The DOJ announcement on that case makes clear the chilling level of manipulation that went into procuring sex victims from a Westchester County residential treatment facility.

In August 2019, I exposed child molestation and child prostitution allegations in a California child welfare system in my Epoch Times piece “A Betrayal of Trust,” which sparked discussions on the for-profit industry of child removal by Child Protective Services agencies, (READ: How The Clintons Turned The CPS System Into A Monster).

President Donald Trump’s effort to stop human trafficking goes forward with the full weight of the federal government behind him.

“In the last 3 years, ICE has arrested over 5,000 wicked human traffickers — and I have signed 9 pieces of legislation to stamp out the menace of human trafficking, domestically and around the globe. My Administration has undertaken an unprecedented effort to secure the southern border of the United States,” President Trump stated in his State of the Union address Tuesday night.

President Donald Trump convened the White House Summit on Human Trafficking early Friday afternoon to stress his administration’s commitment to “eradicating human trafficking from the Earth.”

President Trump proposed not sending foreign aid to countries who — like “Washington politicians” — are all talk, no action on stopping child sex trafficking.

The president gave special credit to White House point person Ivanka Trump and to ambassadors in the audience including Calista Gingrich, Sam Brownback, the attorneys general of Florida and Georgia, and the lieutenant governors of Florida and North Carolina. Attorney General William Barr and Vice President Mike Pence were also in attendance at the Summit.

“In the modern age, the level of evil is unbelievable,” said President Trump, who has dramatically increased human trafficking arrests.

“Human trafficking is worse than ever before…An estimated 25 million people around the world today are being held captive, manipulated or abused by human traffickers,” Trump stated.

“When I took office, ISIS controlled over 20,000 square miles…We have totally defeated the ISIS caliphate in Syria and Iraq,” Trump said, highlighting one of the world’s worst recent offenders in the human trafficking business. ISIS also recently controlled Syrian oil wells, with the complicity of the previous Obama administration.

“I’ve signed 9 pieces of bipartisan legislation aimed specifically at combating human trafficking” domestically and internationally, President Trump said.

“And we’ll do what’s necessary. We will do exactly what’s necessary. There’s nothing more horrible than this,” Trump said.

Lots of countries, like Washington politicians, are all talk no action, and Trump said he will not send them money any more.

“We will not rest until we have stopped every last human trafficker and liberated every last survivor,” President Trump said before turning the microphone over to a female survivor of human trafficking who will now advise the Trump administration on its anti-trafficking efforts.