Democrats Infuriated After Hulu Blocks ‘Controversial’ Ads Supporting Abortions, Gun Control And Jan. 6


Democrat Party leaders are outraged after the streaming service, Hulu has refused to run Democrat advertisements about abortion, gun control, and the Jan. 6 Committee.

Hulu is not required by law to run political ads on its streaming service, unlike television networks that have to under the 1934 Communications Act.

“Hulu’s censorship of the truth is outrageous, offensive, and another step down a dangerous path for our country,” the directors of three Democrat-led committees, Christie Roberts, Tim Persico, and Noam Lee, said in a statement.

The three executives claimed Hulu is doing a “disservice” to the country by refusing to run their advertisements.

“Voters have the right to know the facts about MAGA Republicans’ agenda on issues like abortion — and Hulu is doing a huge disservice to the American people by blocking voters from learning the truth about the GOP record or denying these issues from even being discussed,” they added.

Last month, Hulu allegedly refused to run Suraj Patel’s advertisements, a Democrat running for Congress in New York.

Patel penned an angry letter to Disney CEO Bob Chapek and Hulu President Joe Earley after he was informed the ads were rejected. Disney owns Hulu.

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Patel claims it was against “Hulu policy” to run his ads since they were too “sensitive.”

The Democrat’s ads showcased Republican pro-life victories, climate change activism, pro-gun-control messaging, and footage from the January 6th protest.

The 38-year-old Patel suggested Hulu’s decision is harmful to America’s Democracy. “To not discuss these topics in my campaign ad is to not address the most important issues facing the United States. Your ban on mobilization messaging has a perverse effect on Democracy.”

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“This policy has incredible implications for people nationwide, both voters and people running for office. You need to communicate with younger voters on the mediums where they are watching. Cable is not where they are watching,” he added.

While Democrats are upset about this so-called censorship, Republicans have been censored by Big Tech for years. CNN, NBC, and FOX all refused to run Donald Trump campaign advertisements in 2019.

Facebook, Youtube, and Google have stripped advertising privileges from a multitude of media companies and Conservatives covering climate change, Ukraine, and COVID-19 vaccination data.

In July 2021, Google canceled National File’s advertising account for unspecific reasons. Read more here.

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