Democrats on Twitter Say They Would Vote for Biden Even if He Were a Rapist


As we gear up to another election season, various people on social media have expressed feelings of being underwhelmed by the apparent candidates in the final six months.

Ex-VP Joe Biden has failed to win the hearts of many grassroots Democrats, disillusioned by Sanders dropping out prematurely for the second consecutive election cycle.

On the right, many of Trump’s base appear to back the incumbent US President for a second term in office–barring, perhaps, a slightly miffed younger support base as Trump failed to act on many of his most glamorous campaign promises within his first term.

However, some, more dyed-in-the-wool, staunch Democrats–ones with blue wave emojis in their Twitter names–have on the whole voiced reluctant support for former second-in-command Biden as sexual assault allegations emerge.

Several images floating around the internet show the presidential hopeful engage in some odd poses with women and girls, where he appears to sniff their hair, have inappropriate hand placement, and leave them looking uncomfortable.

In spite of this, Trump has been so thoroughly maligned by the mainstream press and the entertainment industry, although cognizant of Biden’s allegations, some would militantly prefer Biden over Trump.

Posted by Common Sense Extremists on Sunday, May 3, 2020

One tweeter, whose account is now locked, wrote: “I would vote for Biden if he raped 100 women at gun point. The stakes are high in this election.”

The tweeter went onto imply that, if Epstein were running, they would vote for them–seeing as Trump ostensibly represents a greater evil.

The second tweet on the linked post is from a parody account.

And the third tweet read: “If Biden had raped my child, yes I’d still prefer him over Trump as POTUS.”

Of course, these tweets elicited ample backlash from both sides of the political aisle–all condemning the moral waywardness of the message behind them.

Many prominent social media personalities, who championed the #MeToo movement in its prime, have now shifted away from their narrative to demonize Brett Kavanaugh in order to throw their support behind Biden.