Detroit Tigers Will Donate to Groups That Support ‘Gender Transition’ Surgeries for Kids


The Detroit Tigers are one of more than a dozen MLB teams that will holding a “Pride Night” promotion in June. As part of the team’s promotion, the Tigers have vowed to donate funds to groups that assist in “gender transition” surgeries for children.

The Detroit Tigers will hold their “Pride Night” game on June 1 while several other teams have promotions scheduled in the following days.

When fans go to buy tickets for Wednesday’s game, they are asked whether they would like to donate to a “local Pride organization of your choice” and presented with a long list of LGBT groups, according to the National Review.

One such group is PFLAG of Detroit. On the group’s homepage, they claim that teaching children that there are only two genders “may make youth of different identities, genders or orientations not feel included.” PFLAG also touts its program to buy transgender books for local libraries.

In 2020, MLB itself listed PFLAG as one of the organizations it supported in its Pride Resource Guide.

Another group supported by the Detroit Tigers, The Ruth Ellis Center, provides “transition care for transgender youth,” including “gender affirming surgery.” The group is also sponsoring a program to make it easier for minors to access puberty blockers and hormones, according to The Western Journal.

The Trans Sistas of Color Project, a subsidiary of the Trans Justice Funding Project, is another group listed as a donation target by the team.

TJFP funds “chest reconstruction and/or genital reassignment surgery” and organizations like Trans Minors Rights, which “advocates for empowering transgender youth to make their own decisions regarding puberty blockers.”

Other teams, such as the Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies and Boston Red Sox will be giving out “pride-themed t-shirts” as part of their promotion. The San Francisco Giants even wore “pride-themed” uniforms in honor of the month last year.

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