Disgraced Prince Andrew Flip Flops, Changes Resigning From Public Life ‘Forever’ to ‘A Few Months’


Prince Andrew, the Duke of York made an appearance with Emily Maitlis on Newsnight to discuss the the previous friendship between the Duke and Jeffery Epstein, and the nature of their numerous interactions. Following what The Sun UK is referring to as a, “car-crash interview over his friendship with the paedo financier,” Prince Andrew consulted with the Queen who granted him permission to step down from his royal duties for “the foreseeable future.”

Yesterday, royal commentator Richard Fitzwillams reported to Express UK that, “the foreseeable future,” likely means forever. Today, according to aides close to the duke, it was reported to The Sun UK that, Prince Andrew will only step down from royal duties “for a few months.”

Due to the nature of the alleged connections between Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein, and Prince Andrews poor performance during his interview on Newsnight, the choice to allow her reportedly favored son from his duties comes as no shock to lock UK royal commentators.

During an interview with royal commentator Fitzwillams and UK talk radio host Julia Hartley, Fitzwillams expresses that there is no way Prince Andrew will be able to resume his role in the British Royal Family at any point in time.

Talk radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer asked: “How big a decision would this have been at the Palace to have the Queen’s second son, apparently her favorite son, step back from royal duties, possibly forever?”

Mr Fitzwilliams replied: “Oh I think undoubtedly forever, at least for the foreseeable future is absolutely the case with so many questions still unanswered.

“An enormous decision the Queen and Prince Charles would have agreed it is impossible for him to continue.

“And it had reached a point of meltdown, remember his links to 200 organisations, remember also the fact that frankly the sharks were circling and it was absolutely clear that he had become an object of derision.”

“You need some gravitas to be a royal, heaven knows that matters reached levels where he may have hoped to hang on but it really was impossible. It was affecting the Monarchy very, very seriously, it was part of the election debate and not flatteringly so.”

In the interview with Newsnight, Prince Andrew only claims that the only false interpretation in any of the stories connecting himself to Epstein was in the assumption that he was involved in or knew of anything involving the children rape and child sex trafficking.

Under the advice of Barreness Helena Kennedy, a well-know civil rights lawyer who previously defended Moore’s Murderer, Myra Hindley, Prince Andrew is being encouraged not to fly to the United States. She warns that if he were to go to the United States, he could be arrested.

Kennedy says she would rather have the Duke of York to meet with the Federal Agents in London.

Even if The FBI comply with the request of Kennedy, Prince Andrew is “not entitled to any form of immunity by virtue of his position as a member of the Royal family,” and he would be “vulnerable to extradition,” according to the Anna Rothwell, who works at the British Law Firm Corker Binning.