Disney Hires Former Obama Spokesman for PR Position


The last several weeks have characterized as a public relations nightmare for Disney. After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed HB1557, the Parental Rights in Education Bill, into law, Disney made their displeasure with the new law very clear. Subsequently, Christopher Rufo and other journalists obtained a large collection of footage in which Disney employees discussed the culture at their company. The company does not hide the fact that they are fully embracing a far-left, LGBTQ-friendly agenda. Critics have described Disney’s actions as “grooming” young kids.

To combat the negative press that the company has recently received, as well as the significant backlash from many parents, Disney has initiated a new PR campaign that includes the hiring of former Obama Administration spokeswoman Kristina Schake as new Executive Vice President of Global Communications.

On the Disney website, Schake’s role is described as being “responsible for Disney’s worldwide communications strategy and operations, and serves as lead spokesperson for the Company.”

The website goes on to mention that Schake was also in charge of the Biden Administration’s Covid-19 vaccine campaign, and that she served as former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Communications Director. Disney also mentions Schake’s involvement in other left-wing causes and organizations, including that “Ms. Schake co-founded the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which led the successful bipartisan public awareness campaign and legal challenge to restore marriage equality in California”.

The timing of the hire does not seem to be coincidental. It appears to be a sign from the company that there are no plans to walk back or moderate their controversial political stances, or even to feign neutrality.

Further evidence of the openly leftward shift is the news that Netflix is picking up “Nimona”, a new Disney series with an overt LGBTQ-related storyline. According to TheWrap, “Nimona” is “a shapeshifter bent on destroying a powerful organization known as the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics by any means necessary — even if it means killing people”.

The move to hire Schake also blurs lines between “private corporation” and government, critics of Disney and like-minded mega corporations say.

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