Disney’s ‘Onwards’ Featuring LGBT Couple Has Worst Opening Weekend in Studio’s History


The highly anticipated Disney Pixar animated movie, featuring Disney’s first openly LGBT couple, reportedly suffers its worst opening weekend, raking in $40 million, according to Bounding Into Comics.

Much controversy and hype surrounded the release of ‘Onwards’ after it was revealed that the film would include a lesbian character playing a police officer, voiced by Lena Waithe.

Despite other characters portrayed by the legendary animation firm believed by fans to be LGBT, such as the implicitly lesbian couple in Finding Dory, Waithe’s cop was to be the first explicitly LGBT character, after many had demanded LGBT representation on the internet.

The Numbers released the figures of the movie’s opening weekend, which had performed worse than other highly anticipated productions, when adjusted for inflation.

‘Onwards’ had nudged 2015’s The Good Dinosaur, which had a $39.1 million opening weekend or the equivalent of $42.6 million today.

Disney’s Classic, Toy Story, pulled in $29.1 million in 1995, but, adjusting for inflation, would be the equivalent of around $49.3 million today.

Other Disney animations, which only premiered at one theater, made significantly less–as they only featured the picture in one theater–but, adjusting for inflation, recouped more than ‘Onwards’ in the subsequent week.

Bounding into Comics reported:

A Bug’s Life had an opening weekend of $291,121 and Toy Story 2 had an opening weekend of $300,163.

However, A Bug’s Life only opened in 1 theater in its opening weekend. It would have a second weekend gross of $33.2 million. Adjusted for inflation that is $56.3 million.

Toy Story 2 also opened in 1 theater in its opening weekend. In its second weekend, when it had a wide release, it grossed $57.3 million unadjusted.

Despite being dubbed “revolutionary” for its representation of the modern world, it was reported that Russia edited out scenes where the character’s sexuality may have become disclosed to the audience.

Elsewhere, it was revealed that Spiderman could be bisexual in an upcoming representation of the legendary comic.

Marvel’s first trans ‘superhero’ was a 12-year-old transgender girl whose hormone therapy was paid for her pastor father’s church insurance, becoming another of many LGBT inclusions in the entertainment industry with the express purpose of highlighting political talking points rather than enhancing character base.