DJ Was ‘Banned From China’ After Liking South Park Tweet


Russian-German DJ says he has been ‘permanently banned from China’ after ‘liking a tweet from South Park.’

30-year-old Russian-German DJ, DJ Zedd, claims he has been banned from entering China by Beijing after liking a tweet from South Park–which has recently been banned from being aired in China after an episode, Band in China, was critical of the tyrannical Chinese government.

Anton Zaslavski, AKA DJ Zedd, informed his millions of followers on social media, on Thursday.

Amid much controversy, DJ Zedd is one of many public figures who have found themselves on the wrong side of the Chinese Communist Party.

The episode in question is said to contain, according to Consequence of Sound:

“Band in China” features two different plots, both of which criticized China. The first follows Randy as he tries to sell weed in China, gets caught, and is sent to a work camp akin to the ones Beijing uses to hold Chinese Muslims for political indoctrination.

In the 300th episode of the controversial animated production, entitled ‘SHOTS!!!’ Towelie forces Randy Marsh to shout ‘F**k the Chinese Government.’

South Park Episode ‘Band in China’ is Banned in China

However, it doesn’t end there.

The NBA recently appeared to side with China over the furious and escalating Hong Kong protests.

Communism on Display: ‘Woke’ NBA Prefers China’s Money to Human Rights

Even US officials are seemingly siding with the Oriental superpower.

Apple also censored the Taiwan emoji in Hong Kong and Macau.

Silicon Valley recently came under the scrutiny after it was revealed that an extra-legal social credit system was being developed.

Apple CENSORS Taiwanese Flag Emoji in Hong Kong and Macau

SILICON VALLEY: Big Tech Plans Chinese-Style Social Credit System

DJ Zedd is merely the latest individual to become embroiled with China, which doesn’t show signs of ceasing.