Dog Prevented Owner From Going To Wuhan By Tearing Up Her Passport


A Taiwanese dog owner reportedly claimed that she had her passport torn up by her mischievous hound before travelling to Wuhan, where the deadly Coronavirus originated.

On January 13, the Golden Retriever, named Kim, reportedly destroyed the owner’s travel document after returning home from an outing, it was announced in a Facebook post.

The Facebook post, according to a translation, claims: “Once I got back to the room and found this scene!

“Can someone help me explain this still going out.”

一回到房間發現這一幕! 誰能幫我解釋一下 這還能出境嗎😩😩😩#誰來給我把這隻狗帶走🔥🔥🔥

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In another post, the dog’s owner displays a screenshot of the original post on a Chinese publication which had gone viral.

The dog owner clarified that she was thinking about going to Wuhan with her family before the extent of the deadly Coronavirus was fully revealed, as her post was dated on January 13–a few days before the spread of the virus had begun to reach critical levels.

She wrote, according to a translation, speaking as the Golden Retriever: “Mommy are just thinking about Wuhan and visiting with Vietnam, haven’t confirmed “Wuhan”.”

1400多個分享,媽咪也嚇到吃手手了😅釐清一下….🌸媽咪們只是在考慮武漢和與越南探訪,還沒確定「武漢」啦😅😅😅🌸台灣出入境也必須使用到「護照」 🌸媽咪只是單純分享這孩子脫序行為, 純屬巧合☹️☹️☹️對了!媽咪是個寵孩魔人喲😊😊連媽都捨不得打罵了,各位也要幫忙一下,不能偷說這孩子壞話喲😘😘😘😘😘

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The Coronavirus has claimed over 170 lives as well as infecting thousands of others.

Tens of millions of Chinese citizens have been quarantined to prevent the spread of infection.

It has been reported that some carriers of the disease have attempted to spit at medical professionals and elevator buttons to exacerbate the situation.

Reports from Wuhan suggest that supplies are running low, despite the Chinese government’s best efforts to cater for the surplus demand in medical facilities and food due to travel restrictions.

Confirmed cases have been recorded in over a dozen countries.

Several countries have severely restricted travel to and from China, with some airlines taking initiative and suspending services to China.