DOMINOES: Georgia Will Send Delegation To Arizona To Observe Audit Next Week


John Fredericks, who has been closely watching and tracking the progress of the Arizona audit of the 2020 election results in Maricopa County, Arizona, revealed in today’s broadcast of Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast that Georgia will be the next state to send an official delegation to observe the election integrity audit.

After being asked by Bannon if he could confirm the rumors, Fredericks said, “Yes, I don’t know if it’s going to be led by Vernon Jones, I think Brandon Beach, one of the Senators is going to go out there, as is Burt Jones who might run for Lt. Gov. They want to know, why reinvent the wheel? Right?” He added, “Arizona has found the way to do this, they put in charge of this Ken Bennett, which was a phenomenal choice running the audit. Former Secretary of State of Arizona, former President of the State Senate, they’re doing it the right way, they hired professionals, and they’re not leaking anything.”

“Come to Arizona just like Pennsylvania did, try to figure out how you get this done, and how you get to the bottom of it, and there’s definitely going to be a delegation going to Arizona. Who is going to lead that right now is unclear, but it’s likely, the authority comes from the State Senate.”

Pennsylvania sent a delegation this week, led by Pennsylvania Sen. Doug Mastriano, to observe the Maricopa County, Arizona audit commissioned by the Republican-controlled Arizona Senate and being conducted by Cyber Ninjas and other firms.

Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers recently toured the facility, as National File reported. “With some questioning whether the audit would be ‘enough,’ Rogers said that the results from the audit could potentially be ‘legally actionable,’ as it would be able to determine whether errors were down to ‘accidental sloppiness’ or deliberate intent. At the absolute minimum, the audit would be able to ‘inform legislation necessary to plug the gaps to restore the public’s confidence in Arizona’s elections.’”