Donald Trump, 73, Now Officially Youngest Man Running for President


United States President Donald J. Trump is now officially the youngest man running for president. Trump is 73.

Even after septuagenarian billionaire and former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg dropped out Tuesday morning, Trump remains the youngest of all men running under the banner of the two parties that control the levers of power in Washington.

Joe Biden, 77, and Bernie Sanders, 78, are the only remaining Democrats with a chance to clinch the nomination.

Considering that one of the main factors in Trump’s 2016 win was the deteriorating mental state and fossilized public image of his then-opponent ex-First Lady and New York senator Hillary Clinton, it is baffling that this time around the Democratic field consists exclusively of older, whiter men.

Of the two females still running for President, neither has any chance to secure the nomination or the presidency.

The only female still mentioned by the media is Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, who at 70 years old is barely younger than Trump. Warren has been repeatedly humiliated in the primary vote, despite the fact that the media consistently shills for her as a progressive, uterine alternative to Bernie Sanders.

The other woman still running is Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a young, progressive woman of color who, unlike the other candidates, has been a Democrat her entire life.

Gabbard, 38, has been repeatedly excluded from the debate stage to make room for failed candidates like Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer, despite the fact that she routinely pulls packed houses at campaign rallies.

Gabbard also polled well in the general election against Trump. By contrast, the nomination of either Biden or Sanders is likely to be so divisive that both candidates will have trouble consolidating the Democratic base, especially if the nomination is secured at a chaotic brokered convention.

Sans Gabbard, the Democratic field is considered to easily be the weakest and most uninspired in modern history, at least going back to the Reagan landslide era.

Pundits consider this to be good news for the youngest man in the race, Donald Trump.