Dozens of Bernie Supporters Tweet That They’re ‘Crying’ Over Campaign Suspension


Dozens of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) supporters have been reduced to tears after the Vermont Senator announced he would be suspending his presidential campaign.

Sadly, many memes and armchair pundit predictions foresaw the democratic socialist’s early exit–in a scene far too reminiscent of 2016’s supposed betrayal at the hands of the DNC.

Social media was flooded with memes–and tears–of heartbroken progressives losing their preferred candidate, and given an ostensible choice between Joe Biden and incumbent Donald J. Trump.

Twitter was awash with several accounts dumping their emotions onto social media.

One commenter eloquently tweeted “I was not f***ng expecting @BernieSanders to suspend his campaign today. Crying while listening to pills n’ potions.”

“No one talk to me unless they’re crying about Bernie Sanders too,” tweeted another.

A third wrote “Yes I’m crying over Bernie Sanders dropping out don’t f***ing @ me.”

Is anyone else crying? I just saw the news about @BernieSanders, and I am overcome by grief,” revealed another. 

“I cannot relive 2016. I can’t. I’m not walking into that polling place crying over which shitty dementia patient I should vote for because the DNC bullied me into it,” intimated another tweeter.

“A couple of months back, I had a dream that I woke up and saw a news article that said that Bernie Sanders was dropping out of the race, and I woke up crying. And today, 3 people texted me to tell me that Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race and I immediately started crying.”

Several other users took to the platform to vent their frustrations over the prospect of potentially casting a vote for Joe Biden.

National File previously reported that Reddit also suffered a meltdown over Sanders’ announcement to suspend his campaign. Myriad Bernie bros of all stripes dumped their emotions onto the message board at the news.