Eleven Year Old Drag Performer ‘Mentored’ by Pedopohile Headlines Old Nick’s Pub in Eugene, Oregon


Last Updated on October 18, 2022

An eleven-year-old drag performer is slated to headline a “drag queen story time brunch” this coming Sunday at Old Nick’s Pub in Eugene, Oregon, where Antifa radicals will be providing “security.” Almost immediately after the event was announced, its ties to a recently-charged child sex abuser were revealed online.

Old Nick’s Pub in Eugene, Oregon has announced that on Sunday, October 23rd, they’ll be hosting a “drag queen story time brunch,” featuring an 11-year-old little girl being dressed up like a drag queen and pimped out on-stage by a convicted child sex predator.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who Antifa has tried to kill over his intrepid reporting on their violent crimes, obtained nearly pornographic photographs of 11-year-old “Vanellope,” which have been posted online. In the comment sections of the disturbing pictures, adults post emojis commonly used to make sexual connotations.

In another photo obtained by Ngo, an adult drag queen can be seen handing money to “Vanellope” as the 11-year-old performs on stage.

“Vanellope,” as the little girl is known, is the child of drag performer Jennifer Hibbs, also known as “Sunshine Ray MacPherson,” who was crowned “Ms. Gay Oregon.” Vanellope’s drag performances have been going on for months, and are frequented by adults who toss money onto the stage like it’s a strip club and send the little girl money over CashApp and Venmo for performing their desired sex dances on stage.

Even more disturbingly, 11-year-old “Vanellope’s” so-called “mentor” or “drag mom” is a recently-apprehended child sex predator, who also happens to be a former public school employee.

“The Lane County Sheriff’s Office has informed the district that Kelsey Boren, an instructional assistant at Vaneta Elementary, has been arrested on charges related to child pornography,” reads an August 12th, 2022 public statement from the Fern Ridge School District, where Boren was formerly employed.

According to police records, Boren has been charged with at least a dozen child sex offenses officially titled “encouraging child sex abuse in the first degree.”

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After Old Nick’s Pub issued a public statement online, accusing critics of the pedophile-sponsored “drag kid” event of launching a “hate campaign,” local Antifa leadership issued a call to arms. The left-wing radicals claim they’ll be providing security against anyone who impedes the “celebration of diversity” at Old Nick’s Pub.

“F*ck the bigots! F*ck the fascists!” read Antifa’s call to arms.

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