EMBARRASSMENT: Lindsey Graham Attacks Trump For Not Antagonizing Putin, Gets Mocked By Fox Host


Sen. Lindsey Graham incorrectly stated that former President Donald Trump met with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Norway – not Helsinki, Finland, where the meeting actually took place – and went on to attack Trump for not |forcefully” prosecuting a “case” against Russia.

Graham was asked by Fox host John Roberts about his thoughts on the idea of a summit in Switzerlkand between current U.S. president Joe Biden and Putin in 2021.

“Well, the summit can be helpful if you confront the bad behavior, the summit will be a disaster if you don’t call it out, I would argue that the Norway, I think it was in Norway, where President Trump met Putin,” Graham said. “That didn’t go very well. I don’t think President Trump prosecuted the case against Russia forcefully enough, and he got a lot of criticism.”

“Alright, that summit by the way was in Finland, Helsinki, because I was there,” Roberts said. “And you’re a senator and I’ll write it 100 times on the whiteboard.” Graham looked away from the camera and chuckled nervously.

Graham was heckled by angry Trump supporters in January:

A group of angry Trump supporters approached Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) at the DC airport today, calling him a “traitor” for his role in the Senate decision to certify the fraudulent electoral college results on January 6, a move that millions of Americans saw as a back-stabbing of President Donald Trump by his own party.

“Lindsey Graham, you are a traitor to the country,” said a woman in the video to Senator Graham. “You knew it was rigged! You know it was rigged. You garbage human being. It’s going to be like this forever, wherever you go for the rest of your life.”

The Trump supporters are seen repeatedly shouting “audit the vote” as Graham ignores them and continues walking, surrounded by security.