End of Social Media? European Court Orders Facebook to Remove Post


The top court in Europe has ruled that Facebook can be forced by government to remove certain content.

Internet free speech looks to be struggling.

Censorship is being imposed from all directions–state, Big Tech, and outrage mobs of private social media users.

Facebook has previously colluded with National Governments, such as France and Germany, in removing so-called “fake news” and “hate speech.”

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Earlier this year, the German government fined Facebook 2 Million Euros for failing to remove a hateful post.

In the United States, The Federal Trade Commission fined Facebook $5Bn over a controversial privacy breach in July.

A Swedish man was arrested and fined for failing to remove posts from other Facebook users in a group he ran.

All in all, these appeals to protect social media news from non-Establishment narratives is a thinly veiled method of censorship to bring about political outcomes in line with globalist interests.

This spells a marked decline in the free expression of social media users.

According to CNN:

If a European court orders a company to take down content, such as a post, that company must remove it everywhere it appears.

The decision poses huge potential problems for internet companies. It can not be appealed.

The case revolves around an Austrian politician, Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek, who sought to have Facebook (FB) remove disparaging comments about her that had been posted on an Irish person’s page. An Austrian court had found the remarks to be harmful to her reputation by insulting and defaming her.
The European Court of Justice ruled that Facebook must remove information as well as block access to that information worldwide.

Politicians in the UK have called to have online trolling banned.

Other censorious measures have been proposed by politicians to prevent trolling, such as the introduction of a digital ‘ASBO’ or to be blocked from running for political office.

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The United Kingdom was averaging nine arrests a day for online hate speech–calling into question what appeared to be a misallocation of police resources.

Alarmingly, politicians are wielding immense power to rid the internet of disparaging remarks, threatening freedom of speech in the process and costing the taxpayer a fortune.