‘Epstein Did Not Kill Himself’ Truck Spotted During Virginia Gun Rally


National File reporter Frankie Stockes, who is on the ground covering the Lobby Day gun rally in Richmond, Virginia, spotted the curious sign around noon.

As thousands of gun rights activists descended on the Virginia Capitol to lobby for their Second Amendment rights, among them was a white pickup truck with a large sign reading “Epstein Did Not Kill Himself.”

“Spotted rolling through $Richmond on #LobbyDay,” wrote Stockes.

The “Epstein Did Not Kill Himself” sign is one of many colorful signs Stockes found and photographed at the Lobby Day rally.

Stockes also found attendees holding signs appearing to show the political diversity of the attendees.

One such sign read “Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights” while another read “Dems for NRA.”

Other attendees riffed on the historically significant Rosie the Riveter poster, with a sign featuring a hand drawn woman holding a gun, saying “The great equalizer.”

Asian gun rights also held signs apparently mocking the mainstream media and governor’s attempts to smear the rally as somehow racist or white supremacist in nature.

“Do I look like a white supremacist to you,” read a sign held by an Asian woman.

Another attendee held an LGBT flag emblazoned with the Gadsden snake and the phrase, “Don’t Treat On Me,” and presented it to Stockes to photograph.

Stockes also found tables filled with merchandise supporting President Donald Trump.

“Support for @realDonaldTrump very high at #LobbyDay2020,” wrote Stockes.

National File reporters are on the ground in Richmond, Virginia and will continue to provide updates.