Establishment Pollster Frank Luntz Lobbies for War With Russia, Mocks Energy Crisis


Establishment pollster Frank Luntz traveled to England to lobby for war with Russia and mock the energy crisis that’s being inflicted on the people of Europe by way of NATO sanctions shutting off their fuel supply ahead of winter. The anti-Trump GOP’er and Kevin McCarthy’s former landlord, Luntz has long been criticized for being extremely out of touch with actual GOP voters.

Luntz, who has worked closely with foreign powers throughout his career, attended England’s Conservative Party Conference, known as #CPC22 online. In recent years, the Conservative Party has lost the support of England’s actual conservatives, who have left the party in droves for the populist pastures of UKIP and the Brexit Party.

Despite purporting to be ideological conservatives, the British Conservative Party has been at the forefront of pushing the Build Back Better agenda, and their positions often more closely resemble the American Democrat Party rather than the American Republican Party.

While he was in the UK, Luntz took swipes at the anti-war, America First wing of the GOP, which now makes up a majority of Republican voters, applauding the British Conservative Party for being more pro-war than their American counterparts.

“The mood among Conservatives at their party conference is to put even more pressure on Putin,” Luntz tweeted. “They do not understand why some Republicans in the U.S. are soft on Russia. Frankly, I don’t know why either.”

In a picture attached to the tweet, Luntz held a Ukrainian flag sign, reading “Insulate Homes, Disarm Putin.”

Thanks to NATO-sponsored sanctions on Russian energy exports, the people of Europe are expected to live without heat in their homes this winter. The apparent sabotage of the Nordstream 2 pipeline has further exacerbated the situation. Reportedly, Europeans fortunate enough to have a functioning fireplace are stockpiling wood to heat their homes this winter.

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In Germany, state security officials warn that the lack of heat and energy resources could lead to massive civil unrest.

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An anti-Trump establishment GOP’er who apparently has an extremely close relationship with Kevin McCarthy, Luntz has long been criticized for being out of touch with Republican voters and the political agenda of the American people. He’s also been criticized for his close links to foreign political outfits, including Israeli influence operations.

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In 2009, Frank Luntz worked with The Israel Project on a plan to manipulate Americans into supporting the construction of new Israeli settlements in the contested West Bank, which is largely inhabited by Palestinians. Luntz authored a 117-page study for the foreign influence operation, which was based in Tel Aviv.

If Americans push back on the settlements, Luntz suggested, “invoke ethnic cleansing.”

“No matter what you’re asked, bridge to a productive pro-Israel message,” wrote Luntz in the manipulation guide, which also included instructions on talking about “Palestinian self-government” and “tackling a nuclear Iran.”

In 2021, Luntz worked with Joe Biden’s COVID task force, advising the administration on reach Republican voters with their pro-lockdown, pro-jab mandate messaging.

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