EXCLUSIVE: Allen West: Democrats ‘Created’ Antifa and KKK Terrorists


Republican Party of Texas chairman Lt. Col. Allen West revealed his views on what messaging Republicans should use in the run-up to next week’s Republican National Convention, in an exclusive interview with the National File on Wednesday.

West called on Republicans to make clear the link between the suited Democratic politicians at their Convention this week, and the violent mob rampaging on the streets of American cities.

“I think the Republican National Convention – I’ll be heading out for that on Friday – you just have to draw the clear delineation: this is the party of the mob, that’s what the Democrats are,” he said.

He then noted how Democrats, who once used the KKK to unleash terror on American soil, are now using Antifa for similar ends.

“The Democrats created the Ku Klux Klan, which was the first domestic terrorist organization, now they have created Antifa, which is our next domestic terrorist organization,” he said.

He also drew attention to how this week’s Democratic National Convention ignored the chaos going on in Chicago and the Pacific Northwest, where stores and federal buildings are assaulted on a daily basis by far-left radicals and mobs of thugs.

“I’ve not seen anyone, in any of the speeches of the Democrat Party condemn the violence and chaos that we’ve seen on our streets in Portland and Seattle,” he added. “I have not seen them address the issue of black-on-black crime in Chicago, as a matter of fact they blame it on everyone else except their failed policies.”

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He concluded that the Democrats’ had embraced much of Antifa’s radical leftist ideology and the two groups now stood together in a desire to tear down America as we know it.

The Democrat Party in the United States today is a progressive socialist party,” he said. “They believe in everything that is the antithesis to who we are as a constitutional republic, and the other thing is that they need to have more victims, they are not interested in people being victors, and I don’t think that anyone came to the shores of the United States of America just so they can sign up to be part of their welfare nanny state and their ‘equality of outcomes’.”