EXCLUSIVE: Animator Receives Thousands of Death Threats for ‘Racist’ COVID-19 Cartoon


Sven Stoffels, an animator known for his political satire, has received thousands of death threats for a “racist” cartoon on coronavirus.

Stoffels, an animator who has worked in the past for Comedy Central and CollegeHumor, is most notable for his political satire, including setting audio of former Vice President Joe Biden to a cartoon.

Last month, Stoffels posted a cartoon called “Corona ChingChan 2020,” featuring a caricature of an Chinese woman in a bikini eating various animals, including bats and pangolins, referencing the so-called “wet markets” that were the suspected origin of COVID-19.

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Following the upload of the video to social media, Stoffels received “literally thousands of death threats” from people who argued the cartoon was racist and angry supporters of the Chinese regime. Many of the death threats included genuinely racist, violent comments, such as: “rot in hell you f*cking white trash crackers”; “I’ll personally tracking ur [sic] MAGA ass down and f*cking put a f*cking bullet in your chest”; “may your entire family and yourself succumb to the next round of COVID!!”

One commenter even requested an animation from Stoffel, depicting him waking up to “any of your family and loved ones with their wrists slit to oblivion,” while another email exclaimed that the “Middle Kingdom” (China) would take over the world and “nuke what’s left of your pathetic shit-hole jew-cucked, Muslim occupied countries into f*cking oblivion with a couple of DF-41s.”

The video was also taken down from YouTube, removed from Stoffel’s Twitter account, and his Instagram account was shut down. A petition is currently live on Change.org directed towards Patreon support to remove Stoffels from the platform.

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In a comment posted on BitChute, Stoffels described how he was “subjected to a organised and calculated campaign by Chinese communists to censor the video”:

The video was intended to be funny. Comedic cartoons is what I do. The offended communists succesfully have taken down my instagram account and I’ve literally received thousands of death threats. I think it’s a sad state of affairs when social media companies go along with communist tactics and censor artists, even if you think it’s “racist.”

Speaking exclusively to National File, Stoffels said that what happened to him is what happens to anyone who dares to put something that may be offensive to some people online:

What these commies do is they track down your friends and family from your friends lists. They research where you work, whom you know, people you might look up to. Then they contact and harass them, until those people begin to think they themselves will be similarly hounded. It becomes easier to disavow you, join the swarm in stinging you, otherwise they themselves will be stung. And thus your livelihood and reputation are destroyed.  Always remember this is the communist’s tactic. When this stuff happens to you just remember they are pussies, inform your friends and family about whats happening and just keep doing what you are doing, never apologise!

Stoffels also provided National File with screen shots of many of the threats of violence and allowed us to review them before publication.