EXCLUSIVE: Faith Goldy, Marked for Destruction by ADL, Offers Solution to Big Tech Censorship


Earlier this month, the ADL released a new document detailing which allegedly anti-Semitic commentators should be banned from social media, singling out Canadian political commentator Faith Goldy among those who should be banned. In the intervening weeks, at least two of those fingered by the ADL have been banned.

The Anti-Defamation League recently published an article titled, “Despite YouTube Policy Update, Anti-Semitic, White Supremacist Channels Remain“, in which they bemoan the fact that content creators including James Allsup, The Red Elephants, and Faith Goldy were still on the platform.

Since the article was published, as National File has reported, Allsup has been banned from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and The Red Elephants were banned from Facebook.

Goldy herself was previously banned by Facebook.

Facing an imminent ban of the rest of her social media accounts, Goldy offered National File advice on how President Donald Trump and his administration could fight back against big tech censorship.

“I can see it now: E-Day eve 2020, Trump is staring at the ceiling from under his 1200 count cotton sheets wondering, ‘All my supporters are banned from the Internet, what do I do?’” wrote Goldy.

“This week, without explanation, YouTube again banned a host of accounts exclusively belonging to nationalists and explicit Trump supporters,” Goldy explained. “This time, their shared audience totaled some one million subscribers. That’s a lot of vote potential, never mind their reach through shares on social media. All this, and Trump’s get out the vote effort doesn’t have to lift a finger.”

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Goldy explained that, in her view, President Trump’s 2020 election campaign’s success largely dependent on such Internet sensations spreading his nationalist, populist message, as the media sought to completely ignore and castigate the president.

“Trump’s 2016 victory is owed in large part to a social media groundswell involving memes, aggressive Twitter campaigns, and outspoken voices on YouTube, red-pilling their humongous audiences on the magic of MAGA, the Wall, and why we should deport” illegal immigrants, said Goldy.

“The Luciferian Left gets that and they’re not about to let it happen again,” she continued.

In Goldy’s view the ADL marking popular Internet voices for destruction is the left’s only remaining tactic to prevent President Trump’s reelection: outright censorship of those who agree with the president.

Goldy explains that, in her view, this is why “they’re taking marching orders from Jewish supremacist groups like the ADL, and playing right wing whack-a-mole with our socials.”

“Meanwhile, the presence of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act makes a class action lawsuit virtually impossible for those sobs banned by Big Tech.”

Goldy then explains what she views as a solution the Trump administration could offer.

“First, President Trump must declare an Executive Order compelling tech platforms to abide by the First Amendment,” and ignore the nay saying from the Republican establishment and Democrat pearl clutchers.

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Goldy explains that these big tech companies create the modern public square, and people should not be removed from the public square by “unelected, unaccountable nerds in Silicon Valley who simply disagree with their opinions”.

The Canadian Internet commentator then explained that President Trump should “declare these Big Tech corporations monopolies and bust them up.”

She went on, “It’s insane that Google, with a known track record of political bias and election meddling, controls 88% of searches in America. Some 70% of Americans use Facebook and 73% use YouTube, both of which are known to employ subversive algorithms to lead users away from conservative media and commentary.”

Goldy concluded that if President Trump and his administration are not willing to tackle what she views as the largest problem in modern American politics, the administration should “step aside and let Tulsi [Gabbard] take the wheel!”