EXCLUSIVE: Flynn Family Says Horowitz Report Showed “Flimsy, Bogus Reasons to Spy”


The DOJ’s OIG report by Michael Horowitz highlighted at Wednesday’s FISA Abuse hearings revealed more than one victim of former President Barack H. Obama’s administration and their abuse of power with weaponized federal government surveillance.

General Mike Flynn, a three-star General and former director of the DIA, was targeted for weaponized surveillance as early as 2015, and perhaps earlier, according to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report into so-called Russia Collusion with the Trump 2016 Campaign,

And now in an exclusive interview with National File in the wake of the OIG Horowitz report, Flynn’s sister is calling the reasons for government spying on Flynn “flimsy and bogus”.

Barbara Redgate Flynn, sister of General Mike Flynn,  spoke with National File Wednesday and gave her reaction to the Horowitz report details on FISA abuse that trapped her brother, then working for President Donald J. Trump,  into a nightmare with the Administrative State.

“The biggest shock was that we now know that Intel people knew the names were wrong on the 302s and they didn’t say anything for 18 months until Sidney Powell demanded it as exculpatory evidence. They had to write a letter to the courts to admit that the names were wrong for that long.  We know that Sidney won’t back down,” Flynn Redgate said, adding that Sidney Powell, the personal lawyer of Flynn was an “angel” to their family.

“I want for Attorney General Barr to throw this whole thing out.  The targeting of Gen. Flynn is unbelievable egregious government misconduct,” Flynn Redgate said, “No one is going to trust the CIA, FBI or DOJ again until it is gutted.  We have been asking for those 302s for months,” she said.

“This Horowitz report today shows what the predicate to start counterintelligence surveillance investigation on my brother was all about. We know from the Mueller report that the targeting of Gen. Mike started before the election and now we know why,” she said, offering the following Tweet as evidence:

“It appears as if they were using a smear by Halper, who was paid by the government a large amount of money, who had accused Gen. Mike of having of going to an RT red carpet event in Moscow and having an affair with a “Russian Spy” Svetlana Lokhova. Except she is not a spy, she is now a close friend of the family and I think everyone should follower her,” Redgate Flynn said.

Redgate Flynn said  Lokhova had denied there was an affair and said in fact that Lokhova is an “expert witness on the beginning of the coup and targeting of people.  She said she just sat in a room with Mike.  If that can happen to the head of the DIA, that can happen to anyone,” Redgate Flynn said.

She also said it was important to remember that he briefed the DIA before and after the Russia trip.

“Mike is outspoken about everything, he was with Obama and the ISIS is JV thing, with the Obama Cabal and he was furious about Iran.  Remember at the time they were weaponizing surveillance tools against all Americans who were speaking out,” Flynn Redgate said, remembering when Obama insisted that ISIS was not a serious threat.

In this video Oliver North talks about the weakness of Obama’s understanding of foreign threats:

“Mike was head of the DIA and he told Obama that ISIS was not the JV team at a congressional heading and they all knew he was refusing the narrative that ISIS. We believe was the targeted,” Redgate Flynn said.

In this video Mike talks to Fox News about problems with the Obama administration and his understanding of ISIS and foreign threats:

“Mike was ready to blow the lid off of everything when they went after his son, Mike Jr, and he had stop and take a plea to save his son,” Redgate Flynn said.

“Mike is a Democrat and was appointed by Obama, but he wouldn’t go along with their narrative.  After 10 years of serving the country overseas and fighting the bad guys, he came back here and saw the swamp and said no- he would not go along with it,” she said.

“He was furious about the Iran deal. He was speaking out a lot about it. He was mad at the Intel for not getting info to the people in the field that they needed and at the media for lying to the people.

“Mike was at the DIA and the Obama cabal was targeting him.  Think of that, It started in the political realm, and he wasn’t political, but he did want to prevent Hillary from getting into office after everything he had seen because he is a patriot and loves the country,” she said.

The last three years has taken an emotional toll on the Flynn family but they have remained positive for Mike,  “I am keeping track of every detail.  I can not believe what these people have done to the country and to an American hero,” she said, “when someone like Peter Strozk, who we know did have an affair with Lisa Page, has the power to smear America heroes.”

“This nightmare doesn’t end until the cabal has paid some consequences, Obama, Clapper, Halper, Rice, Yates, McCabe, Clinton, Page, Strozk, Comey, Brennan,” she said.

Flynn Redgate is the administrator of the Mike Flynn Defense Fund.  They have paid out over Four Million dollars in three years and now need $100,000 a month for legal bills. Flynn Redgate, with deep gratitude, says that thanks to the patriotic donors of The Mike Flynn Legal Defense Fund, they have kept her family going fighting the bad guys.