EXCLUSIVE: Leading Email Service Provider Bans Stefan Molyneux After Leftist Outrage Campaign


Mailchimp, the Atlanta based industry dominating email service provider, discontinued service to Stefan Molyneux from using its service after a leftist activist group demanded the philosopher be banned.

After Nandini Jammi, co-founder of The Sleeping Giants, a left wing “social media activism organization,” asked Mailchimp to ban Molyneux with unsubstantiated claims that he is a white supremacist, the company complied and denied Molyneux the ability to use its platform to send newsletters.

Speaking to National File, Molyneux said that “It’s terrible that Mailchimp has decided to go this route. I think what we need is more conversation and debate, since the alternative to debate is escalation and radicalization, which I’m afraid we’re going to see more of as more and more people lose their voices.”

“It’s a scary direction we’re headed – especially given the Bernie staffer’s recent comments in which he called for criminalizing free speech and sending people with different ideas to ‘re-education camps’ – i.e. gulags.”

In a move roundly mocked by conservative Twitter users, Jammi requested that Molyneux be banned by Mailchimp.

“Hey @mailchimp/@MailchimpAbuse – did you know you power white nationalist Stefan Molyneux’s newsletter? Molyneux promotes eugenics, race science, and ‘men’s rights’ activism.”

Molyneux does not promote “eugenics” or “race science,” though he has discussed the difference in average IQ between racial groups with top experts in the field on his show, Freedomain.

After Mailchimp complied, Jammi bragged about causing the ban.

“CONFIRMED: @Mailchimp has terminated Stefan Molyneux’s account,” wrote Jammi. “Thanks to everyone who pitched in on this one!”

As Internet users noticed Jammi’s braggadocios tweet, they began to mock the activist.

Conservative journalist Pete D’Abrosca wrote, “Lmao she got him banned from… Mailchimp?”

Fellow journalist Cassandra Fairbanks joined D’Abrosca in mocking Jammi.

“You must have a really boring existence,” wrote Fairbanks.

“Who spends their time trying to get people banned from mail chimp? Sad way to live.

She added, “You did it Nandini, you saved the internet lol”

Molyneux is not the first high profile new right media figure to be banned by Mailchimp.

As big tech companies simultaneously banned Alex Jones within hours in 2018, Mailchimp quickly joined in banning the 25 year radio and TV host.