EXCLUSIVE: Mo Brooks Slams Biden’s Reckless Immigration Policies After Terrorist Attack, It’s ‘Gonna Be Fatal’


Senate candidate and House Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) spoke with National File on Tuesday about his goals for the U.S. Senate and his views of the current presidential administration.

Brooks slammed Joe Biden’s open-borders immigration policy in the wake of a mass murder in Boulder, Colorado reportedly perpetrated by a radical Syrian Muslim, warning that Biden’s policies are going to continue to “be be fatal for some number of Americans.”

“Joe Biden’s decision to open up immigration to countries that are embedded with uncounted numbers of terrorists is gonna be fatal for some number of Americans,” Brooks told National File. “It’s only a matter of time before chickens come home to roost.”

Brooks went on to denounce the Biden regime’s decision to push for gun confiscation while the President, who reversed President Donald Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban” in his first day in office, ignores the religion and ethnicity of the shooter.

According to journalist Laura Loomer, the Biden administration is “terrified” of receiving criticism for his open-borders policies in the deadly wake of the Boulder mass murder:

Speaking to National File, Loomer explained that her source is embedded in Boulder, Colorado law enforcement, and spoke to her on condition of anonymity. Loomer explained that the Biden administration was briefed on the shooter’s allegiance to ISIS, and is attempting to contain the information for fear of a second immigration scandal. Joe Biden infamously rescinded President Donald Trump’s travel ban restricting movement from countries known for exporting radical Islamic terrorism.

According to Loomer, the Biden regime is “terrified” that, should this information become public, he will face a new round of criticism for making the country less safe due to his reversal of the Trump administration’s effective immigration policies.

“Joe Biden has blood on his hands because along with Obama, and that’s what his presidency is, it’s a third term extension of the Obama era, we are now returning to the times of daily ISIS attacks,” said Loomer. “Given the fact that Donald Trump is no longer in the White House, ISIS and the illegal alien caravans realize we’re in a position of weakness, which is why there is a crisis at the border, and why ISIS, which had been subdued and totally docile under Trump, is now attacking America.”

More of Brooks’ exclusive interview with National File, in which he noted the lack of “principled conservatives” in the Senate and warned that “establishment Republicans, with all their special interest group money, will do everything they can to defeat principled conservatives in all Republican primaries across the United States of America,” can be read here.