EXCLUSIVE: Mother In Texas Gender Transition Trial Does “Victory Dance” in Court


Anne Georgulas, the mother attempting to transition 7-year-old James Younger into a female, was witnessed doing a “victory dance” in court after the verdict stripped the Father of his rights, just after the judge and jury left the room, according to source close to the Jeff Younger family.

The source attended the 255th Family Court this week to hear testimony in the now-infamous Texas Gender Transition court case, and spoke exclusively with National File about the disturbing celebration she witnessed.

“She threw up her arms and did a victory dance right there in front of everyone. Right after the Judge and Jury left. In front of Jeff. It was disgusting,” Kayla White told National File.

“I am still in shock over what I saw. The lady behind me was so upset she looked away from Anne because it was so hurtful and arrogant,” she said.

White was in the courtroom until Wednesday and has followed the case of Georgulas and Younger’s battle over James Younger’s gender since December 2018, about a month after it started.

Georgulas, a pediatrician,  claimed after the divorce was finalized from Younger, that James their son had shown signs of Gender Dysphoria.

Georgulas claims Younger is abusing their son, James, by not accepting the medical Gender transition with hormone blockers, that Georgulas is seeking.

“The media has tried to keep this case hush-hush, but the word has gotten out.  I am seeing people post all over online now.  It is so scary that the Jury would rule that the Father has no rights,” White said.

“With the victory dance, Anne acted liked she had won everything. There was nothing humble about what she did.   She has total medical control over James now.  The Father has no say at all.  Anne wants everything her way,” White said.

“The Jury was so evenly balanced with men and women, black and white.  It was so hard to figure out what they were going to do.  I don’t think they really understood what they were ruling on, because they were given confusing questions.  They were told to put aside their prejudice and moral beliefs about what Anne was doing. They were told to ignore the implication of their decessions,” White said.

Gov. Abbott tweeted that his administration is delving into this case to determine what, if anything, can be done to stop the court-ordered transitioning.

This story is developing.