EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Trump Rally Attendance Falters, Empty Seats Available Throughout Arena


National File can confirm reports that the attendance at President Donald Trump’s rally seems to have faltered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with an estimated 15,000 in attendance for a rally that the campaign claims had over 1 million requests for tickets.

National File reporters reveal that the attendance is down compared to previous claims, and that those in attendance seemed underwhelmed by some of the early speakers.

Empty seats at President Trump’s June 20 rally

National File reporters say that the standing room area, typically filled during President Trump’s rallies, still had not reached capacity only 5 minutes before the president was scheduled to take the stage.

While more seats are taken on lower levels, almost no seats are taken in the elevated seating.

After first scheduling the rally for June 19, celebrated as Juneteenth by much of the African American community, President Trump later moved it to June 20.

President Trump, harried by the left for his original decision to schedule the rally during Juneteenth only weeks after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody, selected several African American speakers for the rally.

View from the media area
View from the media area

President Trump also cancelled an outdoor portion of the event after the smaller than anticipated attendance became obvious, with Secret Service clearing those who intended to attend the outdoor event from the area so the stage could be broken down, unused.

“Secret Service has moved crowd back from the overflow stage,” wrote The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel.

President Trump’s campaign previously claimed more than 1 million Americans requested tickets to attend the Tulsa rally.