EXCLUSIVE: Reddit User Reportedly Admits Murdering Elderly Trump Supporters in Nursing Home


An Reddit user by the name “LoveThisLife0101” bragged about allegedly letting eleven elderly supporters of President Donald Trump die under his care by refusing to resuscitate them.

LoveThisLife0101 also boasted about their alleged tampering with elderly patients’ food and deliberately administering incorrect medicine.

The post was inspired by the “It’s Okay to Be White” campaign which has made several international headlines over the past two years.

An anonymous source, responsible for promoting the “It’s Okay to Be White” campaign that has been previously vetted by National File, told National File the following regarding the Reddit message:

This post triggered a leftist so badly (u/LoveThisLife0101 on Reddit) that he private messaged me a disturbing, bragging rant about how he had murdered 11 elderly Trump voters via deliberate medical malpractice – and planned to murder more. Even if he’s lying (which I don’t know for sure) this is an extremely disturbed and dangerous individual. His account was a year old and had significant (and violently anti-Trump) activity, meaning it was not created minutes ago as a throw away troll account.

The account which made the alarming post has now been deleted–not suspended–drawing further attention to the left-leaning bias of many social media platforms.

The Redditor, LoveThisLife0101, wrote:

Hey, I work in a retirement home and care for lots of trump supporters in their last days. I can tell you with certainty that 11 people (all verified trump supporters) could have been resuscitated/prevented from falling had I taken the appropriate measures.

I am literally letting you f***ers die off. These people vote like 100% of the time so it counts. Here’s the really sick part. Everytime I come on The Donald (r/thedonald) and see something that f***ing disgusts me (e.g. “It’s OKay to be White” postings) I note it and then take it out on a trump supporter in the home I work at (for example I have loaded food with diuretics, withheld medicine and simple [sic] provided the wrong the incorrect medicine).

Taking a darker turn, the Redditor continued:

Look, I know I am a sick pup… but so are each of you. I just wanted to let you know what I do cause I saw your post from today and I chose to watch a person die in response.

I hate you and hope to care for your family soon.

Our source confirmed that he sent the alarming messages to Reddit and he did not receive a response. He then gave the information to Internet researchers on 4chan.

National File also contacted Reddit for comment and did not receive a response.

Following the shocking post, 4chan reportedly revealed the identity of the individual behind the posts.

National File’s source explained that the identity of the Reddit user could not be verified, but stated that some Twitter users believe they located the person’s name and place of employment.

Twitter users messaged the company believed to employ the Reddit user, AMN Healthcare, for more information.

AMN Healthcare claims that the person named does work for them, but “does not work in a clinical setting or work in a location where patients are cared for.”

The company added, “However, we take this very seriously and are conducting a thorough investigation.”

National File contacted AMN Healthcare for more information and to clarify the nature of their investigation and did not receive an immediate response.

Although LoveThisLife0101 deleted their Reddit account, previous posts were brimming with anti-white and anti-Trump hatred.

On a post in relation to Trump bringing back the death penalty for federal crimes, LoveThisLife0101 wrote:

Honestly. Say whatever you want about minorities in this country…. who deserves more hatred than the “majority”.
These people have been condition to believe that they are better than human. Even when they commit mass murders… it’s not due to deep cultural issues… it’s because Brian forgot to take his meds and got disturbed.
I HATE you f***ing people so much. you deserve the worst of what is coming.

In another post, LoveThisLife0101 commented:

dude please gtfo with the B.S.. These idiots saw how much he lied during the campaign, saw the disrespect he showed to so many people (who don’t look like the m of course), heard the crazy shit he was saying… and still voted ‘fur Jaabs than decency.
F*** every last one of them. In fact, if they are crying, please Send me a vile [sic] of their tears so I can wear it around my neck on a damn chain.

LoveThisLife0101, on a post about a failing industry, said:

I literally am eating a lot of fiber so I can s*** ultra hard on these “people”. may they be f*** for generations to come. I HATE THESE

This isn’t the first time something similar to this has happened.

An Indiana nurse was fired in 2017 for making genocidal anti-white remarks on social media after Twitter users uncovered her identity and reported her.