EXCLUSIVE SOURCE: Netanyahu Opponent Could Be Blackmailed By Iran, Deep State Covers Up


Two sources have confirmed to National File that parts of the Israeli government, what some would consider the Israeli Deep State, are hiding compromising material that could allow Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s political opponent, Lt. General Benny Gantz, to be blackmailed by Iran.

As Gateway Pundit reported, a recent Iranian hack of Gantz’s private communications via an unsecured cell phone allegedly reveal communications between the candidate and his mistress, allowing the Iranian government to potentially blackmail the next Israeli prime minister.

Two sources independently confirmed the details of the Gateway Pundit article, and gave National File additional details on the severity of the situation.

One source, who covers Israeli politics, told National File that a division of the Israeli military, known as the “censorship division,” is working with Gantz to keep this information from being reported by Israel’s press in an effort to boost the candidate’s likelihood of being elected.

The censors claim to view the information going public as a danger to Israel’s national security, and thus are able to keep it from being reported.

Another source, who is deeply familiar with the inner workings of Israel’s political landscape, told National File that the cover up is being orchestrated by members of the “Israeli deep state” who are personal friends with Gantz and stand to benefit from his possible electoral victory.

The source believes the move to be irresponsible and a major risk to Israel’s national security due to the potential for Gantz to be blackmailed by the Iranian regime, allowing for one of Israel’s largest geopolitical enemies to gain sway over the Middle Eastern nation.

National File was also told that several of the largest media outlets in Israel are aware of the story, including one of the largest multi media companies in the country, and have thus far been unable to publish the story due to the move by the “censorship division.”

Israel’s election is scheduled for Tuesday, September 17. Polls are close, and suggest Netanyahu’s Likud Party is only slightly ahead of Gantz’s Israel Resilience Party.