EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: London #BLM Protesters Become Violent, Attack Man After Claiming He’s With EDL


On Saturday in London there were multiple instances of Black Lives Matter rioters brutally attacking men after claiming they are far right, with one man attacked after it was claimed he is a part of the controversial English Defense League.

The media have liked to claim Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters are mostly peaceful, yet the exact opposite was the case in London today, with suspected “far-right” protestors being brutally attacked.

While a coalition of veterans, “football lads,” and others gathered in Parliament Square to protest defacing of statues, BLM and antifa members turned up to Trafalgar Square, despite their official protest being called off.

There was some violence throughout the day, with apparent clashes between Black Lives Matter and right-wing protestors who found themselves near the square.

Later, when the main right-wing protest had died down in Parliament Square, there were multiple incidents of gangs attacking white men.

At just before 5 p.m., before a dispersal order was about to take place, two white men in Trafalgar Square were pounced open by numerous protesters as they were suspected of being right-wing demonstrators.

One of the men managed to quickly escape, while another had to be protected by police, with some rioters being pepper-sprayed to hold them back.

One of the members of the crowd was calling out the violence from the BLM protestors as soon as it happened.

“Why are they battering people for no f**king reason? What the f**k are you lot doing?” he cried. “Black, white, brown, doesn’t matter! How do you know he was racist?!”

Rumors abounded on social media that the man who was badly beaten had had his throat cut. However, this didn’t correspond to eye-witness footage, and police later confirmed there were no stabbings.

After being forced to disperse from Trafalgar Square, the BLM protestors headed down towards Waterloo Station, where yet another lone white man was attacked. Chants of “f**k EDL” were heard shortly after, once again suggesting he was accused of being right-wing, and therefore worth attacking.

All the victims were taken to hospital.