EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Thousands of Second Amendment Supporters Descend on Virginia Capitol


Despite government and media claims of violence sponsored by white supremacists, thousands of peaceful supporters of the Second Amendment are gathering at the Virginia Capitol Lobby Day rally to demand their rights to gun ownership be respected.

Beginning at 8 a.m., thousands of gun rights activists began gathering outside the Virginia Capitol grounds, both inside and outside the small area designated by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

Videos show the massive crowd peacefully chanting their support for the Second Amendment.

Reporter Frankie Stockes, a resident of Virginia who covers the Second Amendment for National File, confirmed that the event has been peaceful.

As he arrived this morning, Stockes tweeted “Parking at the Diamond is slam full.”

“Streets lined with cars and trucks. Long lines for shuttle busses,” wrote Stockes.

“An apparently massive turnout.”

Reporting from the event, Stockes told National File that “Police say there have been no arrests.”

“Lobby Day is going off without a hitch,” said Stockes. “The crowd is massive both in and out of the pen.”

Stockes continued, “Lots of American flags, a diverse crowd both racially and politically.”

He also explained that the crowd is upset with how the event was framed by Northam and national media.

“People have actually approached me on the street commenting on how the governor and media failed miserably at portraying Lobby Day as a white supremacist rally,” said Stockes.

“They say there is no way gun rights activists would attract violent counter protesters and create another Charlottesville.”

Stockes recorded video of the crowd chanting “USA!” at one point during the event.

In another video recorded by Stockes, a Lobby Day speaker defends the First Amendment.

“Grant us the freedom under the First Amendment of the Constitution, which has the right of the people to peacefully assemble, and today we are exercising that very right, peacefully,” said the speaker.

Stockes also recorded video of the crowd chanting “No more gun control” in what appears to be in the pen.

Journalist Elijah Schaffer recorded a video of the massive crowds and wrote, “Crowds in Richmond, Virginia are already massive and in the thousands.”

“These does [sic] not look like domestic terrorists @RalphNortham,” wrote Schaffer.

Stockes also noted that the crowd seems to be politically diverse.

In photos, Stockes captured images of signs stating “Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights” and “Dems For NRA,” appearing to show the political diversity of the crowd.

“Politically diverse crowd,” wrote Stockes. “Media won’t report. #LobbyDay”

Stockes also entered the “pen,” the designated area where supporters of the Second Amendment are supposed to gather in accordance with Northam’s emergency declaration.

The photos seem to suggest that the crowd inside the “pen” is as massive as the crowd outside.

Stockes also found tabled featuring Trump-themed hats and shirts, indicating the attendees’ support for President Donald Trump.

“Support for @realDonaldTrump very high at #LobbyDay2020,” wrote Stockes.

National File reporters are on the ground in Virginia and will continue to provide updates.