Exposed: Judge in Stone Case Taints “Truth” With Political Revenge In Court Tirade


Judge Amy Berman Jackson went on a tirade in court, inserting political opinion into legal argumentation ahead of announcing the sentence for Roger Stone Thursday, drawing calls of hypocrisy over what many are calling a distorted concept of the truth.

Before capitulating to President Donald J. Trump over the length of time recommended in sentencing for Stone by out-going and humiliated DOJ members who wanted a 9-year sentence, Berman Jackson went on a lengthy hypocritical tirade about her version of the “truth” for the sake of reporters, even while enforcing a long time gag order on Stone, himself.

Stone has been prevented by court order from commenting on his court case, however, that gag order does not include Berman Jackson herself, or Berman Jackson’s friends in the Resistance media, from commenting on the case on major cable media networks.

Berman Jackson’s one-sided show trial in the news media ultimately ended up discrediting Stone widely.

Rachel Weiner, a reporter for the Washington Post posted a series of tweets Thursday, quoting Berman Jackson.

Curiously, Berman Jackson inserted herself into the story about the corrupted jury foreman, Tomeka Hart, who outed herself on social media as a strong opponent of Trump and a highly active Democrat activist.

As of Friday, Berman Jackson still hasn’t ordered an investigation into the jury foreman but she did take the opportunity to redirect insert her opinion, by giving her version of the story.

Berman Jackson also admitted into the record letters from people asking for stiff punishment for Stone. But as National File uncovered Berman Jackson did not accept the affidavit of William Binney, a 32 year NSA employee who swore that based on his investigation and professional experience there was no “Russian Hack”.

Letters described as “hysterical” were entered into the record by Berman Jackson.

“I have read and I appreciate all the letters and I’ve considered all of the sentencing materials,” Washington Post reported that Berman Jackson said.  But that is not true.

But Berman Jackson did not accept all letters, as this tweet reveals.

Further complicating Berman Jackson’s obvious abuse of power, she insisted there was damage where the “victim” insisted there was not.

Even though Randy Credico had asked for leniency on Stone for what is a cornerstone of the charges against Stone, that he threatened Credico, Berman Jackson speculated that plea was insignificant and Credico had been pressured somehow.

“The defendant referred to this as banter, which it hardly is, judge says quoting from some of the profane texts from Stone to Credico. Of Credico’s letter to the court saying he didn’t feel threatened: I believe his level of concern may have changed over time,” the Washington Post reporter reported Berman Jackson said.

And most shocking of all, about Berman Jackson’s behavior, is the claim that after three years of massive government investigations turned up nothing at all.

Jackon said, “He [Roger Stone] was not prosecuted for standing up for the president; he was prosecuted for covering up for the president,” sounding like the host of a resistance media talk show, unwilling to investigate what she feels Trump is guilty of doing, by refusing to look at Binney’s expert testimony.

National File will continue to investigate and report on this story.