Facebook Engaged ‘Emergency’ Conservative Censorship Post-Election


Facebook, Twitter, and Google did a tremendous amount of damage to the nation in the run-up to the 2020 General Election by censoring not only relevant information that voters needed to make informed decisions, but stifling the free exchange of political discourse by the electorate. Now comes word that Facebook’s role in stealing the election isn’t finished.

In the days immediately following the November 3, 2020 General Election, claims of widespread fraud, including video and documentary evidence, were burning up the social media platforms. This is when Facebook reportedly made an “emergency change” to its algorithm.

Facebook’s censorship team initiated an algorithm protocol they had been working on for months to suppress news sources – predominantly from the conservative Right and those in support of a fair and manipulation free election process – that were spreading what Facebook decreed to be “election misinformation.”

The change, according to The New York Times, involved weighting news and information sources utilizing a “secret internal ranking,” which had been created by Facebook censors, of publishers based on “signals about the quality of their journalism.”

The result of the algorithm they created was the biased-to-the-Left featuring of posts from Progressive outlets like “CNN, The New York Times, and NPR.” It also resulted in the down-throttling and suppression of posts from so-called “Right-wing” publications and programs.

The crafting of this censorship and disinformation algorithm – which was approved by the disingenuous social media giant’s baby-faced CEO, Mark Zuckerberg – was said to be part of several “break glass” plans the company’s censorship team had spent months developing in the event the election was too close to call or outrightly contested.

An earlier report by National File revealed that Facebook uses Chinese nationals to head-up their censorship team – formally referred to as the “Hate Speech Engineering” team. This team is mostly located deep inside the secured floors of Facebook’s Seattle office and has a staff that includes six Chinese nationals holding H-1B visas.