FACEBOOK: Entire Pages Get Literally Shadowbanned When Admins Get Banned


Facebook meme page The /k/ult Of Monika was told by Facebook that all of its posts were blocked from followers’ news feed after an admin received a post block.

Speaking to National File, The /k/ult of Monika’s page admin explained that this situation was all too familiar, as Facebook has previously banned the first two iterations of the page.

However, the new policy apparently being enforced by Facebook differs from previous punishments the platform has used for ‘Community Standards’ violations.

The /k/ult of Monika’s content was blocked from being shown in newsfeeds, despite the fact that only one admin was responsible for the supposedly offending post.

“Basically I posted a funny greentext about Spiderman. Someone reported it, and it was deleted,” the page admin told National File. “I appealed it, because I’ve posted [the meme] before and it’s a very popular one. The appeal was won, and the post was restored. I could use my main account from where I posted it, but the first day I was wondering why my reach went from 1 million+ to four people. I got the notification after one whole day.”

The admin submitted an appeal, but does not feel very optimistic about the end result: “I know many people who had their pages taken down for having a similar name to something FB doesn’t like, or got a copy right strike for taking a personal picture of their cats.”

I should probably also mention that this is my third page,” thje page admin added. “First one got zucced when the NZ event happened for literally posting the same information that the [news media] was posting about. Second page got zucced for having the same name as the old one. It’s actually still in limbo.”

Facebook’s appeals system has recently come under scrutiny by users, as meme page Memelord For Hire MKIII had multiple posts removed, reinstated, and removed again over a 24-hour hour period.

The tech platform reportedly plans to create a ‘Supreme Court’ by 2020 to pass decisions on removing content.