FACT CHECK: Vice Journo Falsely Claims Black Woman’s Sign is ‘SS Reference’


CLAIM: One man’s sign pictured at today’s Million MAGA March in Washington DC was “an SS Reference” – a reference to Schutzstaffel paramilitary organization of Nazi Germany


Donovan Farley, a Vice News journalist making live commentary on today’s Million MAGA March in Washington DC claimed that one man’s “Stop The Steal” sign was a Nazi “SS Reference.” It is unclear whether Farley was actually reporting live from the march.

National File, however, was actually on the ground in Washington, D.C. Our investigation found that the sign had originally been created by Denise Scott, the viral star of “Homeless Woman Guards Trump’s Walk of Fame Star” fame.

When asked about the origin of the sign, Scott said that she’d made several signs and handed some of them out to passersby.

When asked if she was a “secret Nazi”, she responded, “I’m a poor black woman!” She was surprised that her sign had been misidentified as a Nazi dog-whistle.

National File also no evidence to corroborate Farley’s assertion that a Proud Boy was “waving a flag with with [sic] a Totenkopf on it”.

Totenkopf is the German word for “skull and crossbones” which was used as a symbol by various historical groups, including the Nazi Schutzstaffel. It is unclear, however, from the grainy image Farley tweeted whether the skull and crossbones on the flag is a Totenkopf or a Jolly Roger (a.k.a. pirate flag).

Enrique Tarrio, Chairman of the Proud Boys, was contacted for comment by National File and responded, “There is no proof that was a Proud Boy holding the flag.” Tarrio added, “And the flag is obviously not a ‘Totenkopf‘.  It’s a Jolly Roger.”

National File contacted Farley to ask whether he was reporting on the ground and/or did any research to confirm his claims; we did not receive an immediate response.

National File also contacted Vice News to ask about Farley’s employment and whether he was reporting in D.C. as a Vice reporter; we did not receive an immediate response.