Fang Fang Trends on Twitter After Eric Swalwell’s Attacks on Lauren Boebert, 2A Backfire


Last Updated on July 6, 2022

Fang Fang trended on Twitter Tuesday as users slammed California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell over his ties to the alleged Chinese Communist spy. Fang Fang deeply infiltrated the office of Swalwell, a frequent critic of 45th President Trump and gun owners, as well the offices of other Democrat officials, who she admittedly had sex with.

US intelligence officials reportedly believe that California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell had a sexual relationship with alleged Chinese spy Fang Fang, a charge that he has refused to provide an answer to. Fang Fang was deeply and publicly tied to the office of Swalwell, who sits on the House intelligence committee, representing an obvious risk of an extremely high-level security breach between the United States and the hostile Chinese Communist Party.

Fang Fang has also been tied to sexual relationships with other Democrat officials, a frequent espionage tactic, and fled the U.S. in 2015 amidst an FBI investigation into her activities. 

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The name Fang Fang trended on Twitter Tuesday in reference to Swawell’s relationship with the alleged Communist Chinese spy after he attempted to tie gun owners and pro-2A Rep. Lauren Boebert to the far-left Highland Park July 4th shooter. Swalwell has long supported the most extreme aspects of the Democrats’ gun control and confiscation agenda and has even called for deploying nuclear weapons against gun owners. 

In a tweet posted by Swalwell in the aftermath of the July 4th shooting, he tried to link Boebert as a gun owner to far-left suspect Robert Crimo, who has been photographed online with Antifa symbolism and exclusively followed Democrat politicians on his Twitter account.

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“Let’s start drawing straight lines,” tweeted Swalwell, attaching separate photos of Boebert holding a gun and the Highland Park suspect.

“Yes, let’s,” Boebert fired back. “How’s Fang Fang these days?” she asked Swalwell, including photos of him and his closely tied suspected lover and spy, as well as Chinese leader and CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping, drawing lines between the three.

The name Fang Fang began to trend on Twitter after thousands of users piled on Swalwell, drawing attention to his extremely close relationship with the suspected Chinese spy and even including pictures of the two together.

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