Father Arrested for Beating, Shooting at Man in Daughter’s Bedroom


A Georgia father has been arrested and charged after beating up a man who was in his 14-year-old daughter’s bedroom, knocking out his teeth in process, then firing at him with his gun as he fled the premises.

Concerned parent Ismael Casillas, 41, is facing aggravated assault charges following the incidents that occurred in the early morning of July 4 where he found 20-year-old Keywontrezes Humphries in his teenage daughter’s bedroom at their Coweta County home.

During the one-sided fight that ensued, Humphries had several teeth knocked out or chipped as well as being choked by the enraged father.

The sheriff’s office said that if Casillas had allowed the bruised and bloodied intruder to leave after the beating, they might not have pressed charges. However, Casillas instructed his wife to bring him a gun where he began to open fire on the fleeing intruder.

As Humphries tried to escape through the window, Casillas waited for the intruder on his front lawn where he proceeded to continue beating the young man.

According to Fox5 Atlanta, Georgia law allows for homeowners to use force on intruders who pose an existing threat. Investigators acknowledged that Casillas acting within his rights to brutally beat the intruder, but had crossed the line when he opened fire at Humphries as he bolted down the street.

“There is a line that he can’t cross, we can’t cross, when somebody is no longer a threat to you,” said investigator Scott Kilgore.

He added, “My advice would be let it go and contact us and let us handle it. Don’t take it into your own hands.”

Humphries, who was believed to be in a relationship with Casillas’ underage daughter, has charged with child molestation. The 20-year-old, also known as “Man Man,” could be facing other charges as investigators piece together the events of that early morning.

The family originally set up a GoFundMe account to cover the legal fees incurred in Mr Casillas’ defense. However, in the GoFundMe’s description, the family says it is “gone” and provides alternate details to send them money.