Filing False Charges Becomes Pattern of Behavior for Congressional Democrats


Wednesday, the co-founder of the Federalist web magazine posted a shocking update to the impeachment drama surrounding DC, focusing on the coordination of the whistleblower who filed a complaint and the leading proponent of removing the a US President, a US Congressman.

“When you look at the complaint, which was declassified last week by the president, it was dated August 12 and addressed to Schiff himself.  That is troubling and shows possible coordination with Schiff long before anything else was going on,” Sean Davis said to Fox News, Monday.

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“Schiff, based on his own statements, before details were ever released seemed to be read in on them, and that raises questions.  He and his entire staff and the Intel community on the complaint should answer those questions,” Davis said.


Democrats in the US House led by Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Patricia Pelosi, D-CA and Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Bennett Schiff, D-CA  want to impeach President Donald J. Trump over a July 25, 2019 phone conversation with the president of Ukraine.

Schiff has a list of questionable actions and behaviors toward President Trump that bring his demands for President Trump’s impeachment into scrutiny, including possibly directing the whistleblower’s complaint about what President Trump describes as a “perfect phone call” and the President of Ukraine has said he had no problem with.

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It is apparent that the Democrats, who have been talking about impeaching President Trump since before he took office, are displaying a pattern of behavior in trying to remove the Trump nominees with coordinated and false charges.

In 2018, the Senate Democrats assisted a woman who filed false sexual assault charges against Superior Court Justice Brett Michael Kavanaugh.  The complaint was filed with Senator Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein, D-CA, before Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing to attempt to prevent him from being seated and to disrupt his nomination process.

Today Davis makes the case that the Office of the Inspector General (ICIG) was not the first person who saw the impeachment making complaint about the phone call between the two presidents.

Blasey Ford’s accusations were never validated, and were disregarded completely, never preventing Kavanaugh from being nominated and seated.

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If it is proven that Schiff provided assistance to the whistleblower in the formation of the complaint about the phone call in question, that would show yet another orchestration by the Democrats to overthrow a sitting US President.

The case has been made that no one should have seen a complaint in Congress before the official procedures was followed for whistleblowing on the President of the United States of America.