Filmmaker Fantasizes About Killing Jewish ‘Traitor’ Laura Loomer


Laura Loomer’s first gift on the first day of Hanukkah was a tweet by Loren Feldman discussing how he “loved” the idea of killing Jewish people who are disloyal, specifically naming Loomer.

Feldman wrote on Twitter, “The Maccabees killed every Greek possible but also the Jews who joined Greek society. The traitors.

He continued, “I love this part of the story. Today that would be Jews like Dave Rubin, Laura Loomer, Eric Weinstein.”

“Traitors to their fellow Jews,” Feldman concluded.

Loren Feldman’s feelings towards Loomer have been controversial in the past. Feldman raised eyebrows with his comments concerning her on an IHeart Radio Podcast on May, 2 2019, when he referred to her Twitter and Facebook bans as “society correcting itself.”

Feldman further said, “Laura Loomer, her rights have not been infringed upon in any way shape or form.”

Popularly renowned as the “most banned women in the world,” Loomer has been banned from all major social media platforms, as well as ride share apps Uber and Lyft, and by AirBnB.

Loomer, who is running for congress in Florida District 21, is no stranger to death threats. In her time as an accomplished investigative journalist, Loomer approached “untouchable” topics such as immigration, radical Islam, and anti-Semitism from the “tolerant left.”

The Gateway Pundit reports, “Loomer has been the subject of countless attacks from the “tolerant left”, with sickos hoping that she will be killed, raped, and brutalized in other ways.”

Facebook even made it part of their terms of service to excuse users from calling for the murder of Loomer, as well as Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, and Gavin McInnes.

Congressman Paul Gosar’s retaliation to this loophole provided in the Facebook TOS was a statement issued declaring  that Facebook and Twitter should be subjected to an investigation for inciting violence against conservative leaders and their constituents.

Gosar has reported that he will be sending a letter to the Attorney General Barr to prioritize the issues caused by facebook’s appeasement of those who would threaten conservative leaders, such as Loomer.

Feldman has refused to make any further comments after multiple requests from journalists.

It seems logical that his tweet violated the standards of Twitter, but the tweet along with his tweets that purportedly doxx and harass an alleged Proud Boy when he was fired for being pro-Trump remain on the platform.

Loomer gave her response to this deeply sick tweet of Feldman’s:

“The egregious double standard in Silicon Valley between what is and isn’t tolerated on Twitter and Facebook should concern every decent person. There is no denying the fact that Twitter is biased against conservatives and Jews when I was permanently banned from Twitter for saying “Ilhan Omar is anti-Jewish”, but Leftist accounts like Loren’s get to openly call for me, a Jewish Republican congressional candidate to be murdered on Hanukkah!”

“The incitement of political violence and blatant Jew hatred directed towards me is largely the result of companies like Facebook and Twitter maliciously labeling me “dangerous”, falsely accusing me of being a “white supremacist”, and declaring open Season on my life by sanctioning violent threats against my life, as they have done and is outlined in the lawsuit I filed against Facebook earlier this year.”

Loomer’s congressional platform focuses largely on big tech bias, and confronting anti Semitism.