FIVE THOUSAND African Illegal Immigrants Attempt to Cross US-Mexico Border


African migrants by the thousands are making the windy journey from Sub-Saharan Africa to the North of South America, by plane, before moseying up through the Central American countries into Mexico to penetrate the porous US-Mexico border.

This itinerary seems rather lengthy and cost inefficient. Questions have been asked concerning how a trip, which can take several month to make, crossing several borders, requiring multiple forms of travel can be afforded–considering this journey could cost more than several times the annual GDP per capita in the countries the migrants hail from.

Some migrants appear to be economic migrants, as several heavily pregnant, or those who solely wish to chase the American Dream, were involved in scuffles with Mexican border police on more than one occasion.

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Mexico’s public services cannot contain the growing demand from African migrants to perforate the Southern Border, often leading to clashes.

According to the LA Times:

Mexican authorities apprehended a record 4,779 migrants from Africa in the first seven months of this year — nearly four times the number detained during the same period in 2018 — but deported only two.

The difficulty is that many African countries have no embassies or consular representatives here, and some of the migrants possess no verifiable identification. And so the majority remain stranded.

Most migrants from Africa have arrived from Congo and Angola, yet Africans from other countries have begun arriving in droves.

The LA Times continues:

The protest here has sparked periodic clashes with Mexican authorities, who view the Africans as illegal squatters. The migrants cook on open campfires and metal braziers with coal and firewood. Women often pool cash to make market runs for food. Leaky tents and a pink plastic tarpaulin offer scant shelter during daily tropical downpours.

Mexico has provided little aid beyond setting up some portable toilets and an on-site ambulance for medical treatment. A single trash can, buzzing with flies, serves much of the encampment. A vending machine provides soft drinks for 20pesos, or about $1.

Authorities have offered the possibility of asylum in Mexico, but the Africans have refused, said Marcelo Ebrard, the Mexican foreign secretary.

In spite of Mexico’s offers, one thing remains clear: the destination for these migrants is America.

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In May, over a hundred African illegal migrants were arrested for attempting to cross the Rio Grande.

African migrants resettlement has not exactly been harmonious in several places, such as Minnesota, Maine, Idaho, and Utah.

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Most alarmingly, this long-winded route through the Americas has presented itself as a viable means to gain access into the US.

Migrants fleeing Africa have cited leaving extreme violence and poverty as their objective.

However, many pose questions concerning assimilation.

California–a state which has accepted almost unrestrained mass immigration willingly–has witnessed a rise in exotic illnesses, destitution, and wealth inequality on a par with third world countries, due to their progressive pro-migration policies.