FLASHBACK: Ben Shapiro Repeats ‘Learn to Code’ Argument, Gets Mocked by Tucker


While interviewing Tucker Carlson for his Sunday podcast, Ben Shapiro repeated what has come to be known as the “Learn to Code” argument, suggesting that blue collar Americans who lose their jobs due to immigration, outsourcing, or automation should simply learn a 21st century skill to remain competitive in the workforce.

Months prior to Shapiro’s 45-minute speech maligning America First conservative Nicholas Fuentes, and prior to Fuentes confronting Shapiro on the street earlier this month, Shapiro spoke with Carlson about the key issues facing many Americans.

In the interview, Shapiro argues that Americans should simply learn new skills, or geographically move, if their job is at risk due to immigration, automation, or bad trade deals.

“As a temporary stopgap perhaps we can stop technology from advancing, perhaps we can stop trade from eating your job,” said Shapiro.

“Or should we be saying to people, ‘Listen, America was built by folks who crossed mountains to go to the middle of nowhere in pure risk. And you are guaranteed nothing in the United States but the adventure of your life.’”

Shapiro continued, “‘There are 7 million unfilled jobs. Maybe we need to actually move? Maybe you need to go to North Dakota for a fracking job?’”

This leads Carlson to quip, “Right. Yeah, yeah. Leave your parents graves in the town you grew up in to become a cog-”

At this point, Shapiro interrupts again.

Recently, Shapiro was seen bolting from a confrontation with Fuentes outside Turning Point USA’s annual Student Action Summit, holding his child.

National File reported:

“It’s great to see you,” Fuentes says as Shapiro crosses the street with his family and security entourage in tow. “You gave a forty-five minute speech about me at Stanford, and now you won’t even look in my direction?”

Shapiro can be seen shielding his face from Fuentes and appears to hold the child in his arms up higher.

“Well, that’s our free speech warrior everybody,” Fuentes says sarcastically as Shapiro scurries into the convention center. “Champion of the battle of ideas.”

In October of this year, Shapiro argued against President Donald Trump and in favor of John Bolton’s foreign policy, and endless war in the Middle East.

National File reported:

As the news broke Tuesday morning about President Donald Trump firing National Security Advisor John Bolton, the polarized response along political lines on social media was extremely predictable.

Ben Shapiro, who is known to never turn down an opportunity to rail against President Trump on Twitter, was among the first to publish a negative response.

“This is terrible for the White House,” Shapiro said. “Bolton was correct about the Taliban; State wasn’t. Bolton has been a hawkish voice for a tough national security policy, and his ouster likely signals that Trump’s approach will be significantly softer from this point forward.”

Even earlier in the year, Shapiro low wages in the United States as “a you problem” in what many saw as a sleight against the working class.

National File reported:

On an episode of his questionably popular radio show, unearthed by the far-left Media Matters For America, Shapiro is seen insulting American workers by telling them that working low wage jobs is a result of their own bad decisions.

“The fact is that if you had to work more than one job to have a roof over your head or food on your table, you probably shouldn’t have taken the job that’s not paying you enough,” said Shapiro.

“That would be ‘a you problem.’”

It remains to be seen if Shapiro’s views will grow in 2020.