FLASHBACK: Bill Gates Reportedly Flew on Epstein’s Jet in 2013


Bill Gates reportedly flew on one of Jeffrey Epstein’s private jets four years after Epstein was imprisoned for soliciting an underage prostitute.

The tech billionaire reportedly met up with the hedge fund manager on his luxury jet to discuss philanthropic matters, where Epstein was giving Gates informal advice.

A source came forward to NBC News reporting that the pair had met on more than one occasion, but it was unclear whether they had ever spoken over the phone.

The meetings took place after Epstein was imprisoned for soliciting an underage prostitute in Palm County, Florida, back in 2008.

Some reports clash over whether the plane Gates flew on was the infamous “Lolita Express” luxury jet–as the private plane was given its nickname after being outed as an airborne bordello–with The Sun reporting that the Microsoft man had flown the Lolita Express, and the New York Post stating that Gates had flown a separate plane.

NBC News goes onto question why Gates would solicit philanthropic advice from Epstein:

The revelation is another piece of the rapidly growing mosaic depicting Epstein’s bizarre, confounding influence and ability to get into powerful circles. Gates’ interaction with Epstein is puzzling because the former Microsoft CEO is one of the richest and most influential people in the world. Gates could get philanthropic advice from anyone, and yet he corresponded with Epstein, whose transgressions were well known at the time.

One of Gates’ representatives later said “Epstein never provided tax, estate or services of any kind to Bill Gates,” although she did not deny that he had met up with the disgraced billionaire who died of an apparent suicide, despite suffering multiple broken bones in his neck according to the autopsy.

The Gates Foundation later distanced themselves from the infamous financier. And any tangible charitable ties between the two were denied.

The flight taken by Gates reportedly took off in New Jersey before landing in Palm Beach, Florida.

NBC News went onto add that Epstein was known for exaggerating as to who was part of his inner circle of acquaintances.